How is blogging beneficial for students?

How blogging is beneficial for students?

There are various ways in which blogging can be beneficial for students. In this article I will present an in depth analysis of the topic- how is blogging beneficial for students? 

For some of you the term blogging may be a new term. So first let me explain about blogging in brief.

What is blogging?

The act of making and writing a blog is called blogging. But still some may ask- What is a blog?

So in simple words, a blog is just like an internet diary. As people write about their experience, learning and activities in their dairies. Similarly through blogs people share knowledge, learning and other valuable information so that others can get benefitted from their content. 

So basically it’s about sharing your ideas and knowledge on the internet (by building a blog) which will help others. 

Now you might several questions in you mind like:

  • What are the benefits of blogging for students?
  • How can I start a blog? 
  • What things can I share through blogging

And there could be many other questions. But if you think that I am missing any valuable question in the above list then comment below and I will add that question in my blog. 

Now let’s cover each question one by one. 

What are the benefits of blogging for students?

I am a student and I am currently working on two blogs. So in this answer I will include my opinions as well that will give you a better perception.

  • Blogging increases your knowledge

When you start to blog about a particular niche ( Niche is simply categories in which you want to blog. Eg Technology, business, Finance, Health etc) then your knowledge in that niche grows with time. 

To simplify this let us consider my example. I write blogs on my website about technology as I am very much interested in this. So I read a lot of tech gadgets and latest discoveries in the field of tech. So it helps me to increase my knowledge. 

I also feel one added advantage because of this. Since I am a tech blogger, I get to know the things through which I can simplify my life. Be it different tools and softwares that help me to do my assignments or helping my friends whenever they get difficulty in using their smartphones. It excites me a lot. 

There are various other technologies and softwares that I use to simplify my life. If you are interested to know about them then let me know in the comments below. 

So the point which I want to explain is that if you start your own blog then you get to learn a lot. And your learning will help you in future. 

  • Blogging as a career

Yes it’s true that many people are pursuing blogging as a full time career. You can google this and you can get a long list of people who are full time bloggers. Now you might be thinking how much they are earning from this?

Bloggers make a decent amount of money. If you will ask me for an average figure that you can earn. Then I feel that one can earn more than $1,000 a month, if you are serious enough. There is no upper limit to it. 

So it can be considered as a good career option. But before choosing it as your career option. Do your own research. 

It would be good if you start blogging as a side hustle. As a student you can dedicate 1 to 2 hours of your day to blogging. Do it for one year. If you find it interesting and if you start making some money from it. Then you should think of taking it as a full time career option. 

  • Blogging as a part time work

You can consider blogging as an opportunity to generate pocket money for yourself. In college you get lots of extra time.  So you can do blogging at that time. 

This can help you get extra money to cover your fancy expenses. If you really work with dedication then you can also pay your college fee as well. 

At the time when I am writing this article I am earning Rs. 5000 (working on a part time basis) a month by just working for 5-8 days a month. I will update this in future as my earning increases. 

  • Blogging as personal branding

Your blog about a particular niche shows your knowledge about that field. So this can help you in seeking a job. You can include your blog name in your resume that will provide you an edge over other candidates. 

So I suggest you start blogging from your college. Over a span of 2 to 3 years you will be able to put sufficient content on your blog.

Now you are aware of the advantages of blogging for you. But now the question arises- How can you start blogging?

How can I start a blog?

By following a few simple steps you can start your journey of blogging. There are some basic steps that you can follow:

  • Choose your niche

Select one niche in which you want to create a blog. It can be anything, for example technology, health, traveling, business, finance etc. 

  • Choose one platform to start blogging

There are various platforms such as Blogger, WordPress etc in which you can start blogging. If you have no money to spend then you should opt for blogger. But if you can spend up to Rs. 3000 then definitely choose wordpress. 

WordPress is the most popular and the best blogging platform. I am also using WordPress.

  • Choose a right domain name

Domain name is basically the url of the website. For my website it is which you can see in the above search bar.

  • Choose a hosting provider

Hosting is basically a server where all your media files of the website are stored. You need to purchase this too. I am using Hostinger as my web hosting provider. 

  • Setup your blog

There are some basic setup you need to do to take your blog online. You don’t need to worry as they are very easy setups, and you don’t require any coding or technical knowledge for this. 

There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and can set up your blog easily. 

  • Publish content

Now you are all good to go, all you need to do is to publish articles on your website. 

All these things might feel complicated for you in the beginning. But believe me they are easy to do. If you get stuck in any part then you can search it on Google or YouTube you will get a detailed guide. 

Alternatively you can ask from me as well through the comments or using the contact us form. I will reply to you with the best possible solution. 


Now I hope that you are well aware of how blogging can be beneficial to you. Also I presented you with a brief overview of how you can start your blogging journey. If you still have any doubt or query then feel free to ask me. I am also a student so I can help you in a better way as I have already gone through that phase. 

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