Top Dreamily AI Alternatives for Storytellers, Roleplayers, & More

AI writing tools are revolutionizing the creative process, but finding the one that aligns with your specific goals is key. Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller wanting granular control, a roleplaying enthusiast seeking immersive AI characters, or simply looking to experiment with different narrative styles, there’s an alternative to Dreamily AI out there for you. Let’s discover them.

Here are my top picks for you:


Customizable AI for intricate storytelling

DreamGen AI

AI-role playing & creative story writing

StoryNest AI

Interactive storytelling with AI characters

Dreamily AI Alternatives at a Glance

ToolKey Features SummaryIdeal For Summary
NovelAICustomizable output, genre, and authorial voiceExperienced storytellers with specific needs
Kajiwoto AIPersonality customization, dialogue generationRoleplaying enthusiasts, social writing
AI DungeonChoice-driven narratives, save and replayInspiration through gameplay, interactive stories
DreamGen AIAI role play and story writingEdgier content, AI model customization
StoryNest AIAI-powered branching narratives, character interactionVisual storytelling, direct character interaction
Write HoloReal-time collaboration, community challengesCommunity atmosphere, collaborative storytelling
Character.AIPre-created and customizable AI charactersCharacter-driven narratives, conversational storytelling
Infinite StoryCollaborative writing, variety of creative formatsSocial writing, diverse writing projects
StoryScapeChoice-driven narratives, visual story pathsInteractive fiction, visual story planning
DeepStoryFocus on short stories, AI-powered promptsShort story writers, AI-assisted analysis
Jasper AITemplates, long-form writing, AI commandsStructuring story ideas, multi-purpose tool
Plot GeneratorStory prompts, settings, plot twistsOvercoming writer’s block, brainstorming

Top Dreamily AI Alternatives For 2024


NovelAI breaks away from generic AI writing, giving experienced storytellers the flexibility to fully customize output, genre, and even authorial voice.

Key Features
  • Highly adjustable AI output for precise control over the writing style
  • Modules for replicating specific authors or genres
  • Lorebook for keeping track of complex world details
  • Ability to set context and memory for the AI to reference
  • Customizable story generation settings (randomness, length, etc.)
Pros and Cons


  • Unmatched flexibility for experienced writers with specific story needs
  • Potential to explore unique and niche styles


  • Steep learning curve
  • Best results often require tweaking and experimentation
TierPrice (USD/month)Text GenerationsImage Generation (Anlas)
Paper (Trial)Free100 (50+50)Not specified
Tablet$10Unlimited1000 Anlas
Scroll$15Unlimited1000 Anlas (Monthly)
Opus$25Unlimited10,000 Anlas (Monthly)
For the latest pricing visit: NovelAI

Ideal for: Dedicated storytellers seeking maximum control over their AI-generated text, or those with complex world-building needs.

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game generator, putting you at the center of fantastical stories crafted by AI that adapt to your choices.

Key Features
  • Choice-driven narratives across various genres (fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, etc.)
  • Customizable settings to adjust AI randomness and world details
  • Ability to save and replay adventures
  • Community-generated scenarios for even more variety
Pros and Cons


  • Immersive and highly interactive storytelling experience
  • Encourages exploration and unexpected plot twists


  • Less focused on traditional linear writing compared to other tools
  • AI-generated events can sometimes be unpredictable or nonsensical
For the latest pricing visit: AI Dungeon

Ideal for: Writers seeking inspiration through gameplay, those who love open-ended exploration, or anyone who enjoys a choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling.

DreamGen AI

DreamGen AI positions itself as an uncensored and customizable AI writing tool with emphasis on story-writing and role-playing.

Key Features
  • Multiple AI models with differing styles
  • The open-source nature allows the potential for community modification
  • “World Info” section for organizing story details
Pros and Cons


  • Allow for greater freedom in writing styles and content
  • Lead to interesting user-created features


  • Uncensored nature may lead to inconsistent quality
PlanRegular PriceDetails
Starter$7.83Access to all current models, 150 monthly completion credits, 4000 tokens context window
Advanced$19.35Access to all current models, 1000 monthly completion credits, 6000 tokens context window, Unlimited* access to fastest models
Pro$48.30Access to all current models, 3000 monthly completion credits, 8000 tokens context window, Unlimited* access to fastest models
For the latest pricing visit: DreamGen AI

Ideal for: Writers exploring edgier content, users interested in AI model customization, or those seeking a more open-ended creative writing platform.

StoryNest AI

StoryNest AI is an interactive storytelling platform that blends AI-generated narratives with elements of visual novels and character interaction.

Key Features
  • AI-powered story generation with branching paths
  • Ability to converse directly with characters
  • Character builder for customization
  • Image generation to accompany scenes
Pros and Cons


  • Unique blend of reading, interaction, and visual elements
  • Encourages engagement with AI-crafted characters


  • May have limitations in story complexity compared to text-focused tools
  • Image generation quality might vary
PlanMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
Free Trial
PRO$10 per month$8 per month billed yearly
MAX$50 per month$40 per month billed yearly
For the latest pricing visit: StoryNest AI

Ideal for: Readers who enjoy visual storytelling, users wanting direct interaction with characters, or those seeking a more immersive AI writing experience.

Write Holo

Write Holo is an AI writing tool focused on collaborative fiction, offering community features and tools tailored towards building stories with others.

Key Features
  • Real-time collaboration with other writers
  • “Holo” profiles to maintain consistency across stories
  • Community challenges and events
  • Text-to-speech for read-aloud capability
Pros and Cons


  • Great for writers who crave social aspects within their writing
  • Promotes creative inspiration through community interaction


  • Less focused on in-depth customization compared to solo-oriented tools
  • Storytelling quality can depend on collaborators’ skills
Standard$4.99/mo500k chars/month, generation length slider, access to public custom AIs, text to speech
Pro$7.99/moUnlimited generations, create custom AIs, 400 custom AI training steps/month
Ultimate$11.99/mo2000 custom AI training steps/month, access to advanced models, double retry, and more
For the latest pricing visit: HoloAI

Ideal for: Writers seeking a community atmosphere, those interested in collaborative storytelling projects, or people looking for challenges and inspiration from a group setting.


Character.AI centers around interaction with AI-powered characters, making it a unique tool for conversational storytelling experiences.

Key Features
  • Large database of pre-created characters with varying personalities and knowledge
  • Ability to create and customize your own AI companions
  • Memory function lets characters recall past conversations
  • Adjustable settings to influence AI’s conversational style
Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for exploring character-driven narratives and dialogue
  • Fosters open-ended storytelling through interaction


  • Might lack focus for traditional linear story writing
  • AI responses can be unpredictable, impacting story consistency
FreeFreeSign up for free with limited features
Premium$9.99/monthFull access to all features

Ideal for: Writers seeking imaginative character studies, those interested in AI-powered roleplaying, or users wanting to explore the dynamics of conversation in storytelling.

Infinite Story

Infinite Story is an AI-powered writing platform offering flexibility for both collaborative and individual storytelling with a range of tools.

Key Features
  • Collaborative writing with multiple authors
  • Variety of creative formats (stories, scripts, poems etc.)
  • Image and workflow creation features
  • Private messaging for collaborators
Pros and Cons


  • Mix of solo and team-based writing possibilities
  • Diverse formats encourage creative experimentation


  • May feel less focused than tools specialized in one area (e.g., only stories)
  • Wide range of features could be overwhelming for some users

Ideal for: Writers who enjoy social writing experiences, those seeking tools beyond just prose storytelling, or users who want a platform that can adapt to various writing projects.


StoryScape specializes in crafting interactive, choice-driven narratives where your decisions shape the story’s direction.

Key Features
  • Branching storylines influenced by user choices
  • Visual interface for building story paths (maps and timelines)
  • Ability to incorporate images, sound, and gameplay elements
  • Community sharing and discovery of other users’ stories
Pros and Cons


  • Excellent for writers interested in non-linear, branching narrative formats
  • Visual interface can be helpful for organizing complex plotlines


  • Less emphasis on the AI’s writing the story itself, more focus on structure
  • May require a higher learning curve for in-depth functionality
PlanPrice per coinTotal priceenough for
10 coins$0.50$5.00Up to 10 chapters or 2 short stories
50 coins$2.00 (20% off)$10.00Up to 50 chapters or 10 short stories
250 coins$8.00 (36% off)$50.00Up to 250 chapters or 50 short stories

Ideal for: Writers drawn to interactive fiction, users interested in the structural design of stories, or those who enjoy visual planning tools.


DeepStory specializes in generating short-form fiction, offering tools for analysis and feedback to help writers improve their work.

Key Features
  • Focus on short stories and flash fiction
  • AI-powered writing prompts and continuation
  • Critique features to analyze pacing, clichés, and style
  • Ability to track writing history and progress
Pros and Cons


  • Excellent for those focused on the short story format
  • Feedback features can help writers identify areas for improvement


  • Less suited for long-form narratives or complex worldbuilding
  • Critique tools shouldn’t replace the critical eye of a human reader

Ideal for: Short story writers wanting to hone their craft, those interested in AI-assisted analysis, or users seeking inspiration and practice within the short fiction form.

Jasper AI’s Story Capabilities

Jasper AI offers templates, long-form writing, and AI commands to assist in storytelling, making it a flexible option.

Key Features
  • Templates: Jasper has pre-designed templates for various creative writing formats (blog outlines, plots, creative stories, etc.). These provide structure and guidance.
  • Long-Form Assistant: This feature aims to help with composing longer passages of text, including pieces of stories.
  • AI Commands: You can directly instruct Jasper to expand upon, rewrite, or continue sections of your story.
Pros and Cons


  • Helpful for structuring and expanding upon story ideas.
  • Jasper’s general copywriting strength translates well to many story elements.


  • May require significant editing and refinement for a polished story.
  • Lacks the specialized storytelling focus of some niche alternatives.

They offer free trials for a limited time. After that, you have to buy one of the following plans:

PlanMonthly Price/SeatYearly Price/Seat (billed annually)
BusinessCustom PricingCustom Pricing
For the latest pricing visit: Jasper

Ideal for: Writers who want a multi-purpose AI tool with strong story support, those focused on marketing/copywriting who also dabble in fiction, or users needing guidance in creating structured narratives.

Plot Generator

Plot Generator is a versatile tool that provides a wide range of story prompts, settings, characters, and plot twists to help springboard the writing process.

Key Features
  • Numerous generators for different aspects of a story (fantasy, romance, mystery, etc.)
  • Offers mix-and-match options to customize generated ideas
  • “Random Plot Twist” generator for unexpected inspiration
  • Ability to save and organize your favorite generated plots
Pros and Cons


  • Great for overcoming writer’s block or finding a starting point
  • Wide range of genres and options promote creative exploration


  • Generates plot frameworks, not fully written narratives
  • Quality of ideas can still be hit-or-miss

Ideal for: Writers needing a jolt of inspiration, those who want help brainstorming the building blocks of a story, or users looking to experiment with different genres and plot formats.

Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto AI provides a playful and creative environment for crafting stories or engaging in interactive roleplaying with customizable AI companions.

Key Features
  • In-depth personality customization for AI characters
  • Ability to generate dialogue and roleplay scenarios
  • Memory function for AI companions to recall past interactions
  • Community features for sharing creations
Pros and Cons


  • Fun and approachable, especially for roleplaying enthusiasts
  • Encourages creative interaction with AI characters


  • Can lack the focus and depth of story-specific tools
  • AI output quality can be inconsistent
PlanPriceAI Models
Plus$7.99/monthMore Choices
Pro$29.99/monthAll Choices
For the latest pricing visit: Kajiwoto

Ideal for: Writers seeking imaginative brainstorming, those interested in AI-powered roleplaying, or users wanting a lighthearted and social writing experience.

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