Why students, Business Owners and Mentors should learn about website building

Why students, Business Owners and Mentors should learn about website building

Hello everyone, in this blog I am going to tell you why you should learn the skill of website building. This blog is specially for students, business owners and mentors. 

As we all know that we are living in an era of transformation. A transformation from offline mode to a digital mode. And websites are playing an important role in this transformation. Everyone business owners need a website to bring their shops and services online. And so there is a huge demand for website building experts today. So it is one of the most demanding skills of 2022.

So now I am going to tell you in detail how it is helpful for you and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Benefits of learning website building for students. 

As I told you that many businesses are coming online due to this digital transformation so you have a huge opportunity here. By learning the skill of website building you can make websites for other businesses and earn money from them. 

You might have heard about various online money making ideas that claim that you can earn in crores by learning a skill. But here I want to be real with you. By learning any skill you won’t be able to earn in lakhs and crores. You need to master any skill. 

You see, we study from our childhood to just get a job. We have to wait for 15 to 20 years of our life to prepare ourselves for a job. But when we think of earning money online then we think that we should get everything very soon. We think of earning lakhs and crores of money in a very short period of time.

But this is not possible. And In my opinion it is impossible to learn money in a short time.

So if you want to learn money from this skill you need to first learn this and then you need to master this skill. You might be thinking that it would take a lot of time. But I want to tell you that if you are serious enough about your career and your life, then you can learn this skill in just one month. And you can master this skill in just 1 or 2 years. Then you will be able to generate a good amount of money from this. 

Always remember that there is no shortcut to success in your life. If you are searching for shortcuts then you will definitely fall in the traps of others. And that trap is quick money making ideas. You might have heard of schemes such as “Do din me paisa double”. But you also know that these don’t work.

So if you want to learn about website building then I have a very affordable course for you. You can join this by clicking on this link. In the course I will also teach you how you can find businesses that will pay you for building websites. 

See why I want you to join this course? You can also learn this course for free on YouTube and through Google. But it will definitely take time. 

We all know that all the information is available on the internet even though we need a teacher and a mentor to guide us through the right path. Since I have an experience of 2 years of website building I can guide you in a better way and can make you learn faster. So click on the link and join now. You can access this course at a very affordable price for a very limited period of time. So make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity.

Benefit of website building for business owner 

We all know that all the major and successful businesses have websites. Do you ever wonder why they have websites? You should know that through the power of online marketing and presence you can reach a wider audience.

By having a website you can increase your brand presence. If anyone searches on the internet about your product and finds your website then this builds the authority of your shop in the Market. And people are more likely to come to your shop.

It is seen that most of the youths search on the internet before buying any product. So if they find your website on google then then you will come to your shop to buy that product.

Also you can serve your audience in a better way. You can run ads to the local people and target them. Online advertisements are much cheaper and more effective than offline advertisements. When you run ads then having a website plays an important role. You can’t even imagine how much you can grow your business after having a website.

I have seen businesses grow with more than 2x speed after building the website for their business. 

So if you want to know how you can effectively build websites and increase your sales , then I have a course for you. The course is currently available at the most affordable price . Click here to join this. You can also learn this from Youtube as well but you know that if you want to learn in a better way then you need a mentor who will guide you. When you will face any difficulty in building the website so you should have a mentor to help you out. Also by having this course you can learn faster and you can implement the things faster and can grow your business faster. 

So now it’s up to you whether you really want to grow your business or not. If you want then check out this link to know more.

Benefit of webinar building for mentors.

If you are having any skill and if you want to encash that skill by teaching this to others. Then to teach online is the most affordable means. For this you definitely need a website where you will put in your content. 

The practical example for you is me. See I am having a skill of website building and I am reaching out to you through my website using ads. Thus I am able to reach more students and earning money. The limit to earn in this digital space is unlimited. By sitting at the comfort of your home you can reach out to the students present in each corner of India. 

So if you have a skill but not earning from that then learn to make a website from me. Sell courses like me and make your knowledge reach people who need it. Click here and join my make a pro website course. Join now to get it at the discounted price. Do check it now.

In the end I want to tell you a popular saying that goes like this ” You can make a thirsty horse reach the water source but it’s up to the horse whether he wants to drink it to quench his thirst or not.”

So for those who want to join. Click this link and enroll in this course for just Rs. 749. This is a special offer available for those who will join this course using this link. 

Different types of scams in the stock market.

Different types of scams in the stock market.

Different types of scams in the stock market.

Today in this blog I am going to show you different types of scams in the stock market through which the stock market is manipulated. I am going to share this with you all so that you can save yourself from the different types of scams in the stock market and could save your hard-earned money from the market manipulators.

You must have heard about SEBI. SEBI regulates the stock market of India and is responsible to make laws so that market manipulation could be stopped. But even after several laws and restrictions these market manipulators somehow find a way to manipulate the market. And due to this innocent individual investors has to suffer a lot as they become the victims of such manipulations.

So read out this blog completely so that you can save yourself from these scams.

1. Stock market manipulations by the company’s promoters

Sometimes the owners of the company manipulate the stock price of their own company. What they do is that they spread rumors about their own company. Let us understand this by an example. 

Suppose there is a company A and the owner holds a 30 percent stake in his company. Now if the promoters wish to increase their shareholding in the company. Then what they can do is, they can spread negative sentiments about their own company.

 To do this they can give some money to a media house. (note I am not saying that all media houses take the money and publish fake news but some media houses do this ). They can say a media house to publish a negative news about the company. So once this negative news of the company reaches the innocent retail investors then they get influenced by this. And in fear that the stock price of the company can fall due to this negative news. They sell their holdings from that company.

Thus the share price of the company falls. Then the promoters of the company increase thier holding at a discounted price. After increasing his shareholding they issues a press release that whatever was published in the news was just a rumor and there is no such issue in the company. Thus the retail investors are cheated and the promoters make a profit by buying the stocks at a  discounted price.

So the question is how you can save yourself from investing in such companies?

So if you want to save yourself from such companies then before investing in any company check the following thing.

Check the past news of that company. To check the past news of the company you can visit any stock market screener website. You can visit ticker.finology.in and there search for the company in which you want to invest. Go to the news section and check for any negative news. See that if after that negative news the promoters have increased their holding or not.

To see the shareholding of the promoters go to the shareholding section. If they have increased their holding then check whether they have clarified that the news was fake or not?  If you get the answer to all the questions in ‘yes’ then it’s most probable that the promoters are manipulating the stock price of their own company. So stay away from these companies.

You should never invest in such companies where the management is not honest.

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2. Don’t believe in insider information

First of all, you should note that leaking insider information is illegal. SEBI has made very strict rules for this.

If from somewhere you get to hear about the insider information. Then don’t believe it. As that information is made to reach out to you and they are completely fake. So that you invest your money in that company. This is strategically done by the stock market manipulators to rise the stock prices, When the stock price rises then at once they sell their entire holding and make a profit out of it. But the retail investors get trapped in this and they have to bear the losses.

So don’t believe in any insider information or any tips. Do your analysis and research about any stock and then decide to invest in that.

3. Fake branding of the company

If you see that a lot of influencers have suddenly started endorsing any particular company. And all are delivering very promising messages about the company that shows that the company is soon going to perform very well. Then it is most probable that something is going wrong and misleading so don’t invest even a single penny in that company.

As you can think that a company that has no existence before. But suddenly it starts to get so much exposure and limelight within a few months. It can’t happen that previously the company was performing average but suddenly everything changed in that company within a couple of months.

So don’t believe in all the influencers blindly. Follow them but don’t have blind faith in them, especially while making financial decisions. Cross-check the facts and news and then take your decision.


So these are the common tricks that are used by the manipulators to manipulate the market. So the main conclusion of this blog is that don’t get influenced by anyone while making your investment decision. As the stock market is full of fraudsters and they always try to bluff the individual retail investor.

The only way you can escape from them is that keep yourself educated and well informed. Do your own research about any company. You see now researching about any company has become easy. There is various stock market screener website such as ticker.finology.in where you get the complete information about that company.

The best way to eliminate risk from anything is to get knowledge of that. So keep reading such informative blogs and enhance your knowledge about the stock market so that you can have a profitable investment journey.

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[Physics]Notes of Inter Science College for Class 12th

[Physics]Notes of Inter Science College for Class 12th

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S.No.Chapter NameLink
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10.NUCLEI PART-IIClick here
11.ATOMSClick here
13.PHYSICS SYLLABUS CLASS – 12TH(2021)Click here

NOTE: All the notes belong to the Inter-Science College. I have used this for educational purposes only. If the owner has any issue then contact me through the contact me the option and I will remove this content if they want.


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Jac science course for class 12th
The power of compounding

The power of compounding

the power of compounding

In your childhood, you must have saved your money in your piggy bank. When you used to break the piggy bank then you used to be happy. Right! So this is the power of saving. When you regularly save your money for a longer time. Then you know that over some time you end up saving a lot of money and that sum of money gives you excitement. But the power of compounding is even more than this.

Einstein has once quoted that compounding is the eight wonder of the world.

If you want to use the power of compounding then you should invest your money in the right place. Different investment instruments such as the stock market, mutual funds, and various other options can compound your money. But this is not that, by using compounding you can always grow your money. If you don’t properly invest your money then you can lose money in an exponential way too.

But if you learn about the investment options and gain knowledge and experience then you can consistently make an exponential return from the miraculous power of compounding. If you want to learn about the stock market from me then join my community and I will be guiding and mentoring you to learn about the stock market. 

Now let’s jump to the main topic of the power of compounding and let’s understand it in detail.

I will mention some stories and some scientific proof to show you the power of compounding. I will not only show you the positive side of it but I will tell you about its downside too. So that you get a complete understanding of this.

The power of compounding by a story

Once upon a time, there was a king. The king was very fond of music and he was a great music lover. One day a great singer came to his court. He sang a melodious song for the king. The king got very fascinated by his singing. The king got so impressed that he said to the singer “ I am very much impressed by your singing, ask me whatever you want”.

The singer was a very wise man. He said to the king “Maharaj, I don’t want much. Just give me some rice grains.” At this, the king replied to the singer and said “Tell me how much rice grain do you want.” He said “Maharaj just put one rice grain in the first box of the chess and double it in each box. The amount that you will put in the last box, I want only that much of the rice grains”

The king smiled and said, “ You have asked for a very simple wish, I will complete it today itself”. 

What do you think🤔? Was it just a simple wish? Let me narrate the story and that will make you understand whether this was a simple wish or not.

The king ordered his guards to bring a big chess board and rice grains. He ordered the servants to put one rice grain in the first box and double it in each box. For your knowledge, I want to tell you that there are 64 boxes on the chessboard. The narration of the story ahead is very clear from the given table. 

power of compounding

From the picture, you can see that there is exponential growth in the rice grains in each box. If I bring some maths here then the rice grain in the boxes is growing with 2 to the power n, where n is the box number. You don’t have to see the complex mathematics involved in this. Just see in the end box how much rice grain is present. This amount is 92237x 10^14( I have written in this way for the sake of simplicity in calculation).  The numbers are mind boggling 🤯. Right!

 Let us make it more simpler. In general, there are 50,000 rice grains in each kg of rice. So according to this the weight of total rice grains is 1.8* 10^14 kg which is to be given by the king to the singer.

Let us realise the above amount in real money. In general the price of 1 kg rice is Rs. 30 per kg. So the value of the rice grain will be Rs. 92.325* 10^14. In dollars this amount will be 79.2 trillion dollars. In 2017 the world GDP was around 80 trillion dollars. So you can see how big the amount was! 

Now the king was amazed to see that he didn’t have that amount of rice grains in his entire kingdom. And he finally gave up and said that ” Dear singer, sorry but you are really very wise and I won’t to able to complete your wish”

So the moral of the story is if you invest your money and get a compounding return each year then you can imagine how much return you can get over a period of time. It is sure that like this story your money will not get doubled each year. This means you may not get 100% return each year from your investment. But even if your money increases with an average annual rate 15 to 20 percent. Then over a period of 10 to 15 years you will observe an exponential growth in your money.

The power of compounding in real life 

Now let us consider that you start investing from the age of 25 years. Each year you invest Rs. 20,000 money. Let us consider that your investment gives you an average annual return of 15%. Now you may ask which investment can give me an average return of 15 to 20 percent each year. Then my answer is that stock market and mutual funds and there are various other investment instruments that can give you an average annual return of 15 to 20 percent and even more than this. But this is not so easy. To generate such a consistent return you must have to seek the right knowledge about these things. If you want to get help from me then join my community.

So let’s continue our discussion. So you have started investing from the age of 25 years and you are expecting to get a return of 15% each year.

Now till the age of 40 the total amount of money you will be investing will be Rs 36,20,000. But because of 15 percent annual return you will get Rs. 1,15,82,039.84 which is more than 1 crore. This is one of the perfect example of building wealth.

The table is given in dollars but you can ignore it. Consider the given values in ruppes.

The table shows the growth of money with 15 percent annual return.

Now to reap the maximum benefit of compounding. You need to understand that this compounding depends on two things: one is how soon you start investing your money. This means it is dependent on time and how much return you are getting each year. The earlier you start investing your money the more return you can get.

Compounding is dependent on time

Now the first thing which matters most in compounding is time. Let me demonstrate this with a simple story. Ram and Shayam are both friends. Ram starts investing Rs. 24,000 each year at an early age of 21 years. He continues to invest till the age of 27 years. So the total money he invested is Rs. 1,68,000. But he was getting a compound annual return of 15 percent. So till the age of 27, he will have Rs. 2,65,603.18. Now, he stopped investing the money yearly in his investment. But he did not withdraw his money from the investment that he had made. He kept his money invested till the age of 45 years. So at the age of 45 years, he will get Rs. 24,85,413.86.

On the other hand, his friend Shyam didn’t invest his money till the age of 27. After getting 27 years old he started investing his money. He also started investing Rs. 24,000 money each year. He continued to invest till the age of 45 years. So in total, he invested Rs. 4,56,000 money. The money was growing with a compounded interest rate of 15 percent. So till the age of 45, he will accumulate Rs. 24,58,665.98.

You can see clearly that at the age of 45 Ram will have more money than Shyam. An important thing that should be noted here is that Shayam regularly invested for 19 years and invested almost double money than Ram but even though Ram has more money. What made Ram get a greater return on his investment? So Ram got a greater return on his investment only because he started investing his money from an early age.

So early investment is very important. Do you know that Warren Buffet, who is one of the most successful investors, started investing at a very young age of 11 years? But even though he says that I started investing very late in my life. Before that, I was just wasting my time.

This is the reason that I say that learning about investing is very important for students. If you want to know why investment is important for students then you can read this article which will make you understand that why investment is important and what are the different investment options available for students and how they can start their journey of investment.

Compounding is dependent on rate of interest

 The second one is the rate at which your money compounds each year. Here I want to make you cautious that don’t run to get more returns each year. As this can make you greedy to get more and more returns to make more money. And often greed can lead you to make wrong investment decisions that can lead you to lose your money. A return of 15 to 20 percent is considered a good annual return. I am not saying this, this is said by some most successful investors. And this is very true.

The downside of compounding

This is not that compounding is always helpful and will bring positive returns for you. Positive compounding is miraculous then negative compounding is even more catastrophic.

Let us understand this with an example. If you invested your money and expected to get a positive compounding. But if you don’t gather adequate knowledge and jump into investing directly, just with the greed to earn more returns. Then it is very much possible that you will make a wrong investment decision and you will invest your money in the wrong place.

And let us suppose you invested 100 rupees and in the first year it got decreased by 50 rupees. Then your investment fell by 50% percent then to again get back your Rs. 100 you don’t need the return of 50 percent instead of this you need the return of 100%. So you can see that if your investment fell by some percentage. Then you need the return of double of that percentage from your investment again just to recover the money that you invested.

So right knowledge is very important before investing your money.

Note; If you want to open a demat Account. Then read this article that will help you to make a right decision.


So the gist of the whole article is that we often ignore the power of compounding for growing our money . The one reason for this could be that most people don’t know about it. So through this article I tried to explain its power.

If you really want to reap its benefits and are willing to build wealth for yourself, then do join my community GROWTH SEEKERS. Join the group to know more about it.

Why investment is necessary for students?

Why investment is necessary for students?

Why investment is necessary for students?

For today’s world investment is not just an option but it is a necessity. If you won’t invest your money then over some time the value of your money would decrease. So the investment is necessary for students.

Let me bring a simple situation in front of you. Suppose you had saved 5 rupees in your piggy bank 2 years back. Now 2 years back you could buy one piece of samosa with that money but now, if you want to buy a samosa then you are asked to pay 10 rupees. So now you can’t buy samosa with that money, this means the value of your money got decreased. So the investment is necessary.

Now why the value of your money got decreased it got decreased due to an increase in inflation. According to SEBI inflation increases with a rate of 4- 6 percent ( the inflation rates are subject to change) each year. So the value of your money decreases when kept idle. So you should invest your money.

You can generally invest your money in these 4 different domains. There are more different investment options but as a student, you should know the following given investment options:

1. Fixed deposit in the bank

2. In real state 

3. Investment in metal such as gold.

4. Stock market

    4.1. Direct Equity

    4.2. Mutual funds.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit only gives you at most 6-7 percent interest. Here I have mentioned the maximum interest rate given by the banks and financial institutions. Usually, the interest rate given by banks and financial institutions is lower.  Earlier the rates of fixed deposits were higher.

But now since banks have sufficient funds after the demonetization so most banks have decreased their FD rates. In a Fixed deposit, you have to deposit your money for a fixed tenure and if you break the fixed deposit before maturity then you are charged. Fixed deposits returns are taxable. 

If the Fixed deposit interest return is Rs. 10,000 or greater than this amount then 10% TDS will be deducted from your bank account. And if your PAN card is not linked with your bank then 20% TDS will be deducted from your account. If you don’t know what TDS is then comment below. I will explain you using examples.

I personally don’t suggest you to invest your money in a fixed deposit as in this you can get at most 6-7% interest rate in your investment and each year inflation increases 4-6%( as per SEBI). So you can gain a nominal return of 2-3% return on your investment. Also, this return is taxable. So in my advice, as a student, you should not invest your money for such a minimal return.

Real State

You can purchase a piece of land or a building and sell it later when their prices will increase in the future. According to ET Money, the interest rate given by the real state over 10 years is 10 percent. Note that the returns are not guaranteed. They are subject to change depending on the market condition and the area where you have purchased the property.

It is definite that over a long period the returns are more than fixed deposits. But the real problem with this is that to invest in a real state you need a huge amount of investment. So this option is not preferable for you as a student. But if you are a student who has started earning a decent amount of money, you should consider this option.


Next, you can invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. According to LiveMint.com the average return of gold over 15 to 25 years has been 9.4% to 11.6%. The returns have been pretty decent. But you should not invest your money based on previous returns. The returns are subject to change based on market sentiments and conditions and global economic conditions. 

You should invest in metals it helps in diversifying your portfolio. A diversified portfolio minimizes your capital loss risk on investments. But before investing you should acquire proper knowledge about metals and on what factors the metals prices depend. 

Stock market

Now you have left with the stock market as an investment option. You can invest in the stock market through different options such as direct equity, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. But here I will especially talk about direct equity and mutual funds. If you want to know about ETFs then comment below I will write a separate article on this topic for you.

I assume that you are a complete beginner and you don’t have any knowledge about the stock market. And investment in the stock market is the real focus of this blog post. So let’s get started:

Direct Equity

Now, what are these stocks? So to make you understand the whole concept of stocks and businesses is beyond the scope of this blog post. To understand it completely you will have to understand the working of a business that how it starts and how capital is raised for the progress of the business. So if you want to learn about it then comment below in this article and I will make a detailed blog post on this.

In direct equity, you directly invest your money in the stock market. In this you purchase the share of any company listed on the stock market and as the company grows the share price of the company increases. This means the value of your money increases as the share price increases. But the converse can also happen if the price of share decreases then the value of your money decreases.

So before investing in the stock market you must have to learn about it. The average return on the stock market is more than 15 percent. As the return is high so the risk is higher too. If you want to get high returns then first learn about the stock market and how it works. If you jump directly into anything without any knowledge then you would mess up with things. This is what most people do and lose their money in the stock market and then they say that the stock market is nothing but a gamble.

I have created a community of students where I teach you about the stock market. Click here to join the group.

So before starting investment in stocks gain knowledge. Then you will be able to make a good amount of return from this.

Mutual Funds

Now you are only left with mutual funds. These are a bit less risky than direct equity investment and you can get a good amount of return from this. There are various types of mutual funds available in the market. But I am talking about those mutual funds that invest their money in the stock market.

The Mutual funds are managed by highly qualified fund managers. So what they do is- They take money from you and invest that money in different companies. These companies are shortlisted by them. And since they have a good knowledge of the stock market and investment so you can get a good amount of return at less risk. But this doesn’t mean that there is no risk involved in it.

Here it has one more benefit that it is less time-consuming as you only have to research to find the right Mutual fund for yourself then the rest will be managed by them. So you don’t need to track the stock market on a daily basis. So as a student this is one of the best possible ways to start your investing journey.

I would recommend you start investing in index mutual funds. I won’t be able to give the full explanation of this. But for your information, I want to add here that index mutual funds invest in top-performing companies of India. So the risk is lower and the return is higher.

Why mutual funds?

1. Its return is more than Fixed deposits.

2. Its risk is lower than the stock market.

3. Tax-free up to to 1 lakh

4. Can start with a small amount of money of just 500.

Some of you may say that investment in Mutual funds is risky and one can lose its money too.

Yes, it is risky but if you go on stats then you can see clearly that in the long run the market increases. So if you have chosen the right Mutual funds or stock then you can be pretty sure that in the long time of 10 to 15  years the value of your money would increase.

To show you the proof here you can see the graph of Nifty from 2001 to 2015.

Graph showing variation in the nifty index funds.

Why investment is necessary for students?

By seeing the above graph one can easily say that in a small period of time there are several ups and downs in the market. But over a period of 15 years, the stock market has increased only.  So you should invest in it. As a student, you should invest as you can take more risks at an early age as you don’t have any responsibility at that time.

Final Verdict

So if you are beginning your journey towards investment then start with mutual funds and direct equity. But you don’t have any idea then join my community this will help you.

And if you are thinking that commerce and finance background is necessary for investment then you are wrong. I have no finance background but I have generated consistent profits from the stock market. But I am able to do that because I first learned about the stock market.

If you want to learn about the stock market then join my community.

Here is a video explanation that I have uploaded on YouTube about why investment is necessary for students?

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