Ultimate Undetectable AI Alternatives to Humanize Your AI Content

Are you worried about getting caught using AI-generated content? AI content detectors are getting smarter, putting your work at risk of being flagged for plagiarism or low quality. But don’t worry – there are powerful tools that can help you humanize AI content, making it indistinguishable from human-written text. Discover the best undetectable AI alternatives and learn how to bypass even the most advanced detectors.

Undetectable.ai helps in two ways:

  • Humanize the AI-written content to bypass AI detection tools and
  • Detect the the AI-written content 

So in this article, I have covered all the alternatives of Undetectable AI to satisfy your different needs.

Here are my top picks for you:


Tool to bypass AI detector that detects AI-generated content.

Originality AI

Tool to generate AI-generated content with high accuracy.


Convert AI-generated content to human-written content.

Undetectable AI Alternatives at a Glance

Tool NameKey FeaturesIdeal For
Content At ScaleAI generation, humanization, SEOBloggers, in-depth article creators
Stealth Writer AIRewriting, paraphrasing, humanizationAI content users to bypass detection
WriteHuman.aiAdvanced NLP, detection bypassHigh-stakes content needing undetectability
HideMyAIRephrasing, customization, refund guaranteeRisk-averse users wanting natural-sounding content
BypassGPTSimple interface, text rewriting/humanizationNewcomers to AI content humanization
AISEO Humanize AI TextMultiple modes, customizationCreators wanting control over humanization
HIX AIAI humanization, generation, additional toolsCreators needing an all-in-one AI writing platform
Humbot.aiAdvanced humanization technology, text analysisCreators prioritizing content quality and detection avoidance
CopyLeaksPlagiarism and AI detection, LMS integrationEducators, publishers, businesses
GPTZeroPerplexity and burstiness measures, user-friendlyEducators, content creators
Originality.aiSophisticated detection, scoring, writing replaysContent creators, marketers, educators
ZeroGPTBasic AI detection, readability scoreIndividuals, casual use, budget-conscious users

Best Undetectable AI Alternatives to Humanize AI-Generated Content


BypassGPT to humanize ai content

BypassGPT is a user-friendly tool designed to help AI-generated text evade detection by rewriting and humanizing it. It aims to make processed content appear as though it was written by a person.

Key Features
  • Text Rewriting/Humanization: Provides suggestions for altering text and masking AI authorship signals.
  • Quick and Easy Interface: Designed for simplicity, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
Pros and Cons


  • User-friendliness: Prioritizes ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Detection Focus: Built with the primary goal of helping AI content bypass detectors.


  • Potential for Oversimplification: May sometimes suggest less nuanced changes than more advanced tools.
  • Evolving Landscape: No guarantee it can forever outsmart evolving AI detectors.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly Plan
(billed annually)
Key Features
Basic$12$8/month– 5,000 words/month
– Humanize 500 words per input
Pro$19$12/month– 30,000 words/month
– Humanize 1,000 words per input
Unlimited$49$30/month– Unlimited words/month
-Unlimited words per input
For the latest pricing visit: ByPassGPT

Ideal for: Users needing a straightforward solution to quickly modify AI-generated text for basic detection avoidance. Best for those who are new to the concept of humanizing AI content and prioritize a tool with a minimal learning curve.


WriteHuman.ai to Bypass AI detection

WriteHuman.ai positions itself as a premium tool for disguising AI-generated text and bypassing AI detection platforms. It places heavy emphasis on preserving the original meaning of the content while making it harder to identify as machine-written.

Key Features
  • Sophisticated Rewriting: Leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for thorough text humanization.
  • Detection Bypass Promise: Claims the ability to help content evade detection by common platforms like Turnitin and ZeroGPT.
  • Customization Options: Provides the ability to tailor the degree of humanization applied to the text.
Pros and Cons


  • Focus on Meaning Preservation: Aims to humanize text while retaining core concepts.
  • Tailored for Detection Evasion: Explicitly designed to help bypass common detection methods.


  • Potentially Limited Free Use: May have restrictions for non-paying users.
  • No Guarantee of Success: AI detection technology evolves, making constant success difficult to promise.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly Plan
(billed annually)
Key Features
Free– 3 requests/month
– 200 words/request
Basic$12$9/month– 80 credits/month
– 600 words/credit
Pro$18$12/month– 200 credits/month
– 1200 words/credit
Ultra$48 ($96 without offer)$36/month– Unlimited credits
– 3000 words/credit
For the latest pricing visit: WriteHuman

Ideal for: Users needing high-level content humanization for sensitive work where detection needs rigorous avoidance (e.g., certain academic purposes, professional writing). Best for those prepared to invest in a paid solution.


HideMyAI to bypass ai content detectors

HideMyAI is a tool designed to help users transform AI-generated content into more human-like text, reducing its detectability by AI content checkers. It focuses on making the output sound indistinguishable from original human writing.

Key Features
  • Content Rephrasing & Rewording: Suggests changes to disguise AI writing patterns.
  • Customization Options: Allows users to tailor the level of humanization.
  • Refund Guarantee: Offers a refund if the processed content still gets detected (demonstrating confidence).
Pros and Cons


  • Strong Focus on Undetectability: Explicitly built to help you bypass AI detection tools.
  • Customization Controls: Gives users some control over the humanization process.
  • Refund Guarantee: Provides reassurance about the tool’s effectiveness.


  • May Not Always Succeed: Can’t guarantee 100% evasion as AI detection technology evolves.
  • Potential for Minor Awkwardness: May occasionally produce slightly less natural phrasing in the pursuit of undetectability.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly PlanKey Features
STARTERFreeFree– Signup credits
– Dedicated dashboard
PRO$8.25$5/month (billed annually)– 10,000 words/month
– ‘Pay as you go’ credits
ENTERPRISECustomCustom– Unlimited words/month
– Multiple seats
For the latest pricing visit: HideMyAI

Ideal for: Users wanting to minimize the risk of their AI-generated content being flagged, and who are comfortable with light editing afterward to ensure complete naturalness. The refund guarantee makes it a lower-risk option for those wanting to try it out.


HIX AI to convert AI written content to human written content

HIX AI is a comprehensive suite of AI writing tools, with a notable focus on content humanization. It offers a variety of features to help users transform and optimize AI-generated content.

Key Features
  • AI Content Humanization: Provides tools to rephrase and rework AI-generated text for greater naturalness.
  • AI Text Generation: Includes an AI writer for creating various types of content.
  • Additional Tools: Offers features like a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and more.
Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one Platform: Combines content generation, humanization, and other useful writing tools.
  • Variety of Features: Useful for various content-related tasks beyond just detection avoidance.
  • Strong Free Option: Provides a generous free-tier for those who want to explore its features.


  • Potential for Complexity: The breadth of features may feel overwhelming for users just needing a simple humanization tool.
  • Quality May Vary Across Tools: Some features might be stronger than others within the platform.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly PlanKey Features
HIX Bypass Basic$14.99$6.99– 5,000 words/month
– 500 words/request
HIX Bypass Pro$22.99$11.99– 50,000 words/month
– 2,000 words/request
HIX Bypass Unlimited$99$49.99– Unlimited words/month
– Unlimited words/request
For the latest pricing visit: HIX AI

Ideal for: Content creators who need a versatile platform for AI writing, optimization, and detection avoidance. Also good for those who prioritize having a multitude of writing tools at their disposal and want to explore various AI-powered features.


Humbot AI content humanizer

Humbot.ai is an AI content humanizer designed to help your AI-generated text pass stringent AI detection checks. It focuses on identifying and altering words, phrases, and sentence structures that might trigger common detectors.

Key Features
  • Advanced Humanization Technology: Analyzes your text and makes changes to decrease the likelihood of detection by platforms like GPTZero, Originality.ai, and more.
  • Text Analysis: Can highlight sections of your content most likely to be flagged as AI-generated.
  • Output Quality Focus: Aims to not just bypass detectors, but also improve the overall readability and naturalness of the text.
Pros and Cons


  • Specialized for Detection Avoidance: Explicitly designed to counter the methods used by AI detection software.
  • Efficiency: Can help streamline the process of making AI-written content harder to identify.
  • Focus on Readability: Prioritizes producing text that is both undetectable and clear.


  • No Guarantee of Success: AI detection technology is always evolving, making it tough to promise constant success.
  • Potential for Minor Awkwardness: May suggest some changes that need light editing to ensure complete naturalness.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly PlanKey Features
Basic$11.99$7.99/month– 3,000 words/month
– 600 words/request
Pro$22.99$9.99/month– 30,000 words/month
– 1,200 words/request
Unlimited$59.99$39.99/month– Unlimited words/month
– No input limit
For the latest pricing: Humbot

Ideal for: Content creators who rely on AI writing tools and want to minimize the risk of their output being flagged by AI detection platforms, especially those prioritizing text quality throughout the process.

Content At Scale

Content At Scale AI Detection and Humanizer

Content At Scale aims to be a comprehensive solution for both generating AI content and masking its origins. It specializes in producing full-length blog posts and articles with search engine optimization in mind.

Key Features
  • AI Content Generation: Produces long-form articles with minimal initial input.
  • Content Humanization: Offers tools for reworking AI-written text to reduce its detectable characteristics.
  • SEO Optimization: Includes features to help your content rank higher in search results.
Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines Content Workflow: The dual focus on generation and humanization can save time.
  • Prioritizes Long-Form Content: Well-suited to bloggers and those needing in-depth articles.
  • Includes SEO Considerations: Helps boost content visibility.


  • Potential for Inconsistent Output: Initial AI-generated text may require significant editing for quality.
  • Limited Humanization Control: May offer less fine-grained customization than specialized humanization tools.

AI Detector offers an unlimited plan for $49/month, featuring unlimited AI and image detection, paraphrase analysis, 25k undetectable rewrite credits, bulk rewrites, URL scanning, a premium editor, and the ability to export to Word, Doc, or HTML.

For the latest pricing visit: https://contentatscale.ai/ai-content-detector/

Ideal for: Content creators needing a tool to both generate and optimize long-form content, who are comfortable editing AI output, and who want to avoid detection by AI plagiarism checkers.

Stealth Writer AI

Stealth AI Cotent Humanizer

Stealth Writer AI is a specialized tool designed to help users disguise AI-generated text, making it less likely to be flagged by AI content detectors. It offers content rewriting, paraphrasing, and humanization to bypass common detection methods.

Key Features
  • Content Rewriting, Paraphrasing, and Humanization: Provides suggestions for altering text to mask AI authorship signals.
  • Multiple Model Options: Includes different AI models (Ninja and Ghost) to cater to varying detection levels.
  • AI Detection Check: Can analyze text for the likelihood of being flagged as machine-written.
Pros and Cons


  • Focused on Detection Avoidance: Designed specifically to help AI-generated content “pass” detection tools.
  • Content Humanization Features: Provides options for making text sound more natural.
  • Multiple AI Models: Offers flexibility in how aggressively the tool alters content.


  • Potential for Unnatural Output: Overly-edited text may become less readable or introduce errors.
  • Narrow Focus: Primarily for text alteration; doesn’t offer initial content generation features.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly PlanKey Features
Basic$20/month$200/year– 400 words/process
– 20k monthly Ghost Model words
Standard$35/month$350/year– 1,000 words/process
– 50k monthly Ghost Model words
Premium$50/month$500/year– 2,000 words/process
– 100k monthly Ghost Model words
Free$0/month$0/year– 300 words/process
– Daily limit Ninja Model
For the latest pricing visit: Stealth Writer

Ideal for: Users who frequently rely on AI writing tools and want to minimize the risk of their content being detected. Best suited for those willing to carefully review and edit the tool’s output for naturalness and accuracy.

Undetectable.ai alternatives for AI Content Detection


Originality.ai is a powerful AI content detection tool known for its accuracy and advanced features. It goes beyond simply flagging AI-written content, helping users assess the originality of text and providing tools for content improvement.

Key Features
  • Sophisticated AI Detection: Can identify AI-generated content as well as different forms of paraphrasing and plagiarism.
  • Content Scoring: Provides a percentage-based originality score to help gauge the degree of human authorship.
  • Writing Replays: (Premium Feature) Provides a visual playback of the writing process to help identify potential AI involvement.
  • Web and Document Scanning: Scans against a vast database of websites and uploaded documents for plagiarism.
Pros and Cons


  • Highly Accurate: Considered one of the most reliable AI content detectors available.
  • Comprehensive: Combines AI detection with plagiarism checks for broader content integrity assessment.
  • Unique Features: Writing replays offer an additional layer of analysis and understanding.


  • Pricing: Advanced features and larger scan capacities often come with paid subscriptions.
  • Potential for False Positives: While accurate, it may occasionally flag original human-written text, especially complex or niche content.

Ideal for: Content Creators and Marketers: Ensures the originality of content for professional reputation and search engine visibility. Educators: Supports academic integrity and identification of AI-assisted submissions. Publishers: Helps maintain quality standards and avoid publishing plagiarized or AI-generated content.


CopyLeaks is a comprehensive plagiarism detection platform that also provides AI-powered tools to assess and manage AI-generated content. It offers solutions for educators, businesses, and individuals concerned about plagiarism and AI text.

Key Features
  • Plagiarism Detection: Scans text against billions of online sources and internal databases for originality.
  • AI Content Detection: Leverages sophisticated algorithms to identify text likely generated by AI tools.
  • Paraphrasing Check: Helps identify rephrased text that may still be considered plagiarism.
  • LMS Integration: Integrates with popular Learning Management Systems for seamless use in educational settings.
Pros and Cons


  • Robust Detection Capabilities: Effective at flagging both traditional plagiarism and AI-written content.
  • Wide Range of Use Cases: Suitable for educators, publishers, marketers, and others concerned about text originality.
  • Integration Options: Makes it convenient for use within existing workflows.


  • Potential for False Positives: AI detection may sometimes flag human-written content, requiring manual review.
  • Pricing: More advanced features often come with paid subscriptions.

Ideal for: Educators: Helps safeguard academic integrity and identify potential AI-assisted submissions. Businesses & Publishers: Ensures the originality of content for professional and reputational reasons.


GPTZero is an AI content detection tool designed to identify text likely generated by large language models like those in the GPT series. It’s known for its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Key Features
  • Text Analysis: Analyzes submitted text for patterns and characteristics indicative of AI authorship.
  • Perplexity and Burstiness Measures: Focuses on these two metrics to assess the likelihood of text being machine-written.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides clear results and explanations in a simple format for easy interpretation.
Pros and Cons


  • Accuracy: Proven to be effective at distinguishing AI-written content from human-written text.
  • Educational Focus: Originally developed for educators to help identify AI-generated student work.
  • Accessibility: The web-based tool offers a free version with basic functionality.


  • Evolving Landscape: This may have limitations as AI language models continuously improve.
  • False Positives: Can potentially flag some original human-written text as AI-generated.
  • Scope: Primarily focuses on detection, not text modification or humanization.


ZeroGPT is a free AI text detection tool with a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. It aims to help users easily identify text likely generated by language models like those in the GPT series.

Key Features
  • Text Analysis: Analyzes submitted text for patterns and characteristics indicative of AI authorship.
  • Readability Score: Provides a metric alongside the AI detection results for assessing overall text complexity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers a clean and straightforward interface for easy use.
Pros and Cons


  • Accessibility: Free for anyone to use, offering quick and basic AI content detection.
  • Simplicity: Great for those needing a simple tool without complex features or granular analysis.
  • Readability Score: Provides an extra element of text assessment beyond just AI detection.


  • Accuracy May Vary: Might be less accurate than more advanced (and often paid) AI detection platforms.
  • Limited Features: Doesn’t offer the depth of analysis found in premium tools like Originality.ai.
  • Scope: Primarily focuses on detection, not text modification or humanization.

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