The OnePlus 12 is here to take the haptics crown: iPhones better watch out

Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo

This industry-leading motor is larger and more powerful, delivering precise and immersive haptic feedback.

72 Customizable Haptic Categories

Fine-tune vibration intensity and patterns for various actions, from notifications to gaming.

Largest Haptic Range

Experience a wider spectrum of haptic feedback, from subtle clicks to deep rumbles.

4D Haptics 2.0

Feel the difference with enhanced textures and directional effects.


Get in sync with your content with audio-synchronized vibrations.

HyperBoost Gaming Mode

Immerse yourself in games with real-time haptic feedback for every action.

Dolby Atmos Support

Enjoy richer, more layered sound that pairs perfectly with haptic feedback.

120Hz Refresh Rate Display

See visuals respond smoothly to your touch, further enhancing the haptic experience.

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