12 Best Seamless AI Alternatives to Fuel Your Sales in 2024

Seamless.AI is a powerful sales intelligence platform, but it might not be the perfect fit for every business.  If you’re looking for Seamless AI alternatives, consider this list of capable competitors that offer similar lead generation and contact-finding capabilities.

Here are some of my favorite Seamless AI alternatives specially picked to satisfy your different needs:


All-in-one sales platform integrates lead generation, CRM, & analytics.


GDPR-compliant with precise data, optimized for engaging EMEA markets.


Cost-effective with an emphasis on efficient, dependable B2B lead generation.

Why Seek Seamless AI Alternatives?

While Seamless.AI is a solid tool but may have some limitations:

  • Pricing: Some alternatives offer more competitive pricing or flexible plans.
  • Data Accuracy: Depending on your industry, you might find alternatives with higher accuracy in their contact databases.
  • Specialized Features: If you need strong intent data, real-time email verification, or specific integrations, certain alternatives may surpass Seamless.AI.
  • Global Coverage: Consider a different platform for better coverage outside the US.

Top Seamless AI Alternatives and Competitors (2024)


Website of Cognism

Cognism prioritizes accurate B2B contact data and compliance (especially with GDPR). Its strong suit is excellent coverage of the EMEA region alongside intent data signals.

  • Robust and reliable data
  • Intent signals for hot lead identification
  • User-friendly interface
  • Strong global market focus
  • Can be more expensive than some alternatives
  • Less focus on niche industry data in some cases

 They don’t have any publicly available pricing plans. You offer customized pricing based on your requirements. Click here to get the pricing details.

Standout Feature:  Compliance-first approach provides peace of mind, reducing risks of using faulty data.

Ideal for: Enterprises needing extensive global coverage or those selling into EMEA markets. Companies who prioritize GDPR compliance highly.


Apollo.io Website

Apollo.io stands apart as more than just lead generation; it’s a full-featured sales engagement platform for prospecting, outreach, and analytics.

  • Robust Toolset: Includes contact finding, email sequences, task management, and in-depth reporting.
  • Powerful Search Filters: Target ideal prospects with detailed filtering options by industry, title, company size, etc.
  • Excellent Chrome Extension: Seamlessly find and import contact information while browsing websites.
  • Integrations: Works with popular CRMs for streamlined workflow.
  • Can Have a Steeper Learning Curve: May take some time to master the full suite of features.
  • Pricing on the Higher End: Might not be the most budget-friendly for smaller teams.
PlanMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
(monthly pricing, billed annually)
Key Features
Free$0$0– Basic Sequence & Filters
– LinkedIn & Gmail Extensions
– 2 Plays Limit
Basic$59$49– Select 10,000 Records
– Advanced Filters & Integrations
– 20 Plays Limit
Professional$99$79– No Sequence Limit
– 300k words AI-Assisted Email Writing
Organization$149$119– Advanced Security Configurations
– 1M words AI-Assisted Email Writing
For the latest pricing visit: Apollo.io

Standout Feature: Built-in dialer, mimicking area codes, and potentially increasing answer rates, provides an edge in phone outreach.

Ideal for: Mid-size to enterprise teams looking for comprehensive sales functionality beyond just contact finding. Those wanting automation and analytics to guide their efforts.


Image of ZoomInfo Website

ZoomInfo is one of the most established names in sales intelligence, boasting a massive database of contacts and company information.

  • Vast Contact Database: A major advantage, especially for finding leads in the US market.
  • Enterprise-Grade Features: Advanced filtering, org charts to map company hierarchy, and custom data sets.
  • Multiple Data Points: Provides emails, phone numbers, technographics, and often detailed insights.
  • Well-Known: Offers the comfort of a widely adopted and recognized platform.
  • Pricing: One of the costlier options, potentially less favorable for startups and small teams.
  • Data Accuracy Can Vary: While extensive, accuracy levels can fluctuate depending on industry and niche.
  • Less Nimble: Due to its size and structure, can be somewhat slower to adapt to emerging trends than smaller competitors.

ZoomInfo’s pricing details are not publicly disclosed, but thorough research has uncovered the latest information on their yearly plans.

PlanBundle PackageKey Differentiators
Pro+USD 8,000/year– 5,000 Annual Bulk Credit
– 2,000 Recurring Views/User/Month
Advanced+USD 12,000/year– Intent Data
– 10,000 Annual Bulk Credit
– 1,000 Recurring Credit/Month/User
Elite$41,000/year– Global Coverage
– 57,000 Bulk Data Credits
– Unlimited Intent Signals
Elite+$47,500/year– Excludes GDPR Regions
– 90,000 Bulk Data Credits
– Neverbounce Email Verification
Pricing Source: Factors.ai

Standout Feature: The “Scoops” section highlights market news and company changes, aiding lead qualification and timely outreach.

Ideal for: Larger enterprises requiring maximum market coverage and robust filtering capabilities. Companies that require hierarchical business views and deep company information.


Image of Lusha Website

Lusha provides a streamlined approach to finding contact information, emphasizing ease of use and budget-consciousness.

  • Intuitive Interface: Simple to navigate and quickly find contacts, whether with their Chrome extension or platform search.
  • Accurate B2B Contact Data: Specializes in providing reliable email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offers several plans, including a free option, making it accessible for smaller teams.
  • Integrations: Easily syncs with popular CRMs for smooth workflow.
  • Less Extensive Database: This might not be ideal for those requiring very niche industry data or deep company insights.
  • Email Focus: Best suited to contact acquisition via email rather than comprehensive market analysis.
PlanMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
(billed annually)
Key Features
Free$0/user/month$0/user/month– Direct & Landline Phone Numbers
– Email Addresses
– Basic Prospecting
Pro$29/user/month (billed annually)– List Management & Export
– Basic Team Management
– Shared Credit Pool
Premium$51/user/month (billed annually)– Prospecting Bulk Show (25 contacts)
– Extension Bulk Show (25 contacts)
– Basic Usage Analytics
ScaleCustomCustom– CSV & CRM Enrichment
– Advanced Team Management
– CRM Integrations
For the latest pricing visit: Lusha

Standout Feature: The “Reveal” feature that estimates email addresses based on typical company naming conventions.

Ideal for: Startups, small businesses, and sales teams prioritizing streamlined lead generation at a competitive price. Those seeking primarily reliable email addresses and phone numbers.


Image of Uplead Website

UpLead’s strength lies in balancing affordability with a strong focus on accurate, up-to-date contact information. It aims to increase deliverability and sales engagement success.

  • Real-Time Email Verification: A key value proposition; that helps reduce bounce rates and protect sender reputation.
  • Data Enrichment: Enhance lead profiles by filling in missing data points.
  • Competitive Pricing: Plans offer significant value compared to some premium tools.
  • Good Filtering Options: Helps narrow down contacts across various criteria.
  • Depth of Database: This may not match the sheer volume offered by some larger competitors.
  • Interface Can Improve: Navigation isn’t the most intuitive compared to some alternatives.
Plan NamePricingKey Features
Free Trial$0 for 7 days– Verified Emails
– Mobile Phones
– Chrome Extension
Essentials$99/month– Verified Emails
– Mobile Phones
– CRM Integration
Plus$199/month– Data Enrichment
– Email Pattern Intel
– Technographics
ProfessionalCustom Pricing– Buyer Intent Data
– All Search Filters
– Full API Access
For the latest pricing visit: UpLead

Standout Feature: Real-time email verification is the cornerstone of UpLead, minimizing wasted outreach efforts.

Ideal for: Sales teams concerned about email deliverability. Businesses who want data enrichment alongside lead generation. Budget-conscious teams that need essential features.


Image of LeadIQ Website

LeadIQ excels in simplicity and seamless integration with LinkedIn, making it a favorite for prospect list building and efficient contact capture.

  • LinkedIn Integration: Works smoothly within LinkedIn to generate contact lists with verified data.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface and powerful Chrome extension make lead capture quick and convenient.
  • Direct Phone Numbers: Often provides direct dials alongside accurate email addresses.
  • Suitable for Smaller Teams: Offers cost-effective plans while meeting essential prospecting needs.
  • Data Depth: Not intended for extensive company analysis or very niche data requirements.
  • Occasional Feature Glitches: Users sometimes report minor issues with extensions or data export.
Plan NameMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
(monthly plan, billed annually)
Key Features
Free$0/user$0/user– 20 verified work emails/week
– 10 mobile phone numbers
– 40 email generations/month
Essential$45/user$39/user– 500 verified work emails/month
– 30 mobile phone numbers
– 100 email generations/month
Pro$89/user$79/user– 1,000 verified work emails/month
– 70 mobile phone numbers
– 500 email generations/month
EnterpriseCustomCustom– Unlimited prospecting
– 120 mobile phone numbers
– 2,000 email generations/month
For the latest pricing visit: LeadIQ

Standout Feature: The ability to build lead lists directly from LinkedIn profiles within the platform.

Ideal for: Startups, independent sales professionals, and teams heavily focused on LinkedIn-based prospecting and quick contact acquisition.


Image of Hunter.io website

Hunter.io focuses on one thing and does it well: uncovering verified business email addresses associated with specific domains.

  • Laser-Focused Email Search: Excels at finding the right email pattern for a domain and verifying addresses.
  • Bulk Search Capability: Ideal for quickly generating email lists for companies you already know.
  • Simple and Affordable: Features a straightforward interface and budget-friendly pricing.
  • Chrome Extension: Allows you to conveniently pull email addresses from various websites.
  • Limited Contact Data: Provides emails primarily, not extensive phone numbers or job titles.
  • Company Insights Lacking: Not suitable for those needing in-depth market or company research.
Plan NameMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
(billed annually)
Key Inclusions
Free$0$0– 25 Monthly Searches
– 1 Connected Email Account
Starter$49/month$408/year– 500 Monthly Searches
– 1,000 Monthly Verifications
– 3 Connected Email Accounts
Growth$149/month$1,248/year– 5,000 Monthly Searches
– 10,000 Monthly Verifications
– 10 Connected Email Accounts
Business$499/month$4,188/year– 50,000 Monthly Searches
– 100,000 Monthly Verifications
– 20 Connected Email Accounts
For the latest pricing visit: Hunter.io

Standout Feature:  Compliance-first approach provides peace of mind, reducing risks of using faulty data.

Ideal for: Sales teams who have a list of target companies and need to swiftly populate it with associated email addresses. Outbound teams prioritizing bulk email-based outreach.


RocketReach Website

RocketReach positions itself as a tool for finding a wide range of contact details, aiming to reach both key decision-makers and harder-to-find leads.

  • Diverse Data: Provides email addresses, phone numbers (direct dials and cell phones), and social profiles.
  • Deep Search Functionality: Features powerful filters to narrow down and pinpoint specific leads.
  • Data Accuracy: Maintains a generally high-quality of contact information
  • Icebreakers: Provides information to spark personalized outreach
  • Pricing: This can be costlier than some email-focused or smaller-scale competitors.
  • Occasional Inaccuracies: As with any large database, some outdated data may be present.
PlanMonthly PricingYearly PricingKey Features
Free$0$0Personal & Professional Emails, Person Search, Browser Extension
Essentials$80 / $39$468 annuallyPersonal & Professional Emails, Person Search, Browser Extension, 1200 / Unlimited Exports, All Lookups Upfront
Pro$150 / $99$1,188 annuallyAll Essentials features, Mobile & Direct Phone Numbers, Company Search, Integrations, 3600 / Unlimited Exports, Bulk Lookups, Technographics
Ultimate$300 / $249$2,988 annuallyAll Pro features, API Access, Salesforce Integration, Org Charts & Company Trends, CRM Enrich, 10000 / Unlimited Exports
For the latest pricing visit: RocketReach

Standout Feature: The ability to filter by diverse criteria and uncover hard-to-find contacts makes it stand out.

Ideal for: Those needing various contact methods (phone, email, social) for a diverse range of people within companies. Teams who value advanced search capabilities to drill into specific industries and role types.


Adapt.io Website

Adapt.io distinguishes itself with intent data analysis, helping sales teams focus on leads actively exhibiting buying signals.

  • Intent Data Focus: Tracks online behavior to identify companies researching solutions within your area, increasing the sales-readiness.
  • ABM Support: Provides features tailored for account-based marketing strategies and targeted outreach.
  • Global Reach: Offers a global database of contacts and company information.
  • Technographic Data: Helps identify what technologies potential customers use, aiding tailored solutions.
  • Niche Use Case: Might not be the best fit for purely volume-based prospecting not using intent data.
  • Can Have a Learning Curve: Understanding and harnessing intent data analysis might require effort for beginners.

To get the pricing details you need to contact Adapt.io. They offer custom pricing based on features, credits, and licenses needed. They also provide demos and trials to get a hands-on experience with their platform.

Standout Feature: The ability to track buying intent signals giving insight into which accounts are actively seeking solutions like yours.

Ideal for: B2B teams employing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Those wanting to prioritize the hottest leads and shorten sales cycles through insights. Companies selling products with complex, considered purchase processes.


Lead411 Website

Lead411 distinguishes itself with a sizeable database of direct phone numbers and its ability to uncover the technologies that target companies use.

  • Direct Dial Focus: Provides an edge for teams valuing phone outreach by including both cell phones and direct lines.
  • Technographic Tracking: Helps tailor pitches by revealing the software solutions a company employs.
  • Accurate Contact Data: Enjoys a strong reputation for verified contact information.
  • CRM Integrations: Works seamlessly with popular CRMs for ease of import.
  • Cost: Can be on the pricier side compared to some competitors.
  • Limited Search Flexibility: Searching by a physical address can sometimes be difficult.
Plan NameMonthly PlanYearly PlanKey Features
Free TrialFree/7 Days50 exports at $0.50 each,
verified emails,
direct phone numbers,
Chrome extension
Basic Plus Unlimited$99/month$899/yearUnlimited email & phone views,
25+ CRM/SaaS integrations
Enterprise LimitedCustomFlexible exports,
dedicated support, CRM integration,
API Access
Pro with Bombora IntentCustom10,000 yearly exports with intent,
chat support, CRM integration
UnlimitedCustomUnlimited exporting,
optional Bombora Intent data add-on,
For the latest pricing visit: Lead411

Standout Feature: The combination of direct dial phone numbers and granular insight into technology stacks.

Ideal For: Sales teams prioritizing direct contact via phone and who leverage software compatibility in their sales pitch. Ideal for industries where identifying specific technology stacks provides an advantage.


Clearbit Dashboard

Clearbit sets itself apart with the ability to identify anonymous website traffic and with powerful data enrichment to flesh out your existing lead profiles.

  • Website Visitor Identification: Reveals companies visiting your website even before they fill out a form.
  • Robust Data Enrichment: Automatically fills in missing data for individual contacts and companies.
  • Integrations: Works with a wide range of CRMs and marketing automation tools.
  • API Access: Developers can tap into Clearbit data for custom workflows and integrations.
  • Pricing Can Scale: Costs can add up if dealing with high website traffic volumes or extensive data needs.
  • Not Pure Lead Generation: Best when paired with a lead gen tool as its focus is on enhancement.

Clearbit emphasizes tailored solutions with their flexible plans. They offer free trials for their customized plans and cover a range of services including company and contact enrichment, lead scoring and routing, form optimization, and intent-based outreach to ensure teams have the essential resources to thrive.

Standout Feature: Website visitor identification turns passive web traffic into actionable lead intelligence.

Ideal for: Teams wanting to convert more website traffic into tangible leads. Companies struggling with incomplete or inaccurate data in their CRM. Businesses that need additional insights to personalize outreach.


SalesIntel dashboard

SalesIntel focuses on reliable B2B contact information with added emphasis on technographic data for nuanced targeting.

  • Human-Verified Data: Prioritizes accuracy with extensive hand-checked entries.
  • Technographic Tracking: Reveals technologies used by prospects, aiding solution tailoring and compatibility conversations.
  • 95% Accuracy Guarantee: Demonstrates commitment to providing reliable data.
  • Intent Data: Offers intent signals to identify companies actively researching related solutions.
  • Cost: This can be on the higher end compared to some more basic lead generation tools.
  • Database Depth: Might have a slight disadvantage compared to larger, long-established names in terms of sheer volume


They offer a 14 day free trial in which you can test their capabilities

Plan NamePlan PricingKey Features
Individual$69/monthProspect finding, list building, closing deals
Teams$199/month/user (billed annually)High-quality B2B data for small teams
Unlimited EverythingCustom pricingCustomizable plan, unlimited credits
For the latest pricing visit: SalesIntel

Standout Feature: The combination of human-verified contact entries and technographic filtering adds confidence and precision to outreach efforts.

Ideal for: B2B sales teams prioritizing the accuracy of contact information and reducing time wasted on unreliable data. Industries where understanding a prospect’s technology landscape is key to a successful pitch.

Seamless AI Alternatives Comparision table

FocusGDPR-compliant Data + IntentAll-in-One Sales ToolkitMassive US DatabaseEase of Use + AffordabilityReal-time Email VerificationLinkedIn IntegrationEmail Finding SpecialistDiverse Contact DataIntent Data for ABMDirect Dials + TechnographicsWebsite Visitor ID + EnrichmentHuman-Verified B2B Data
ProsGlobal coverage, accurate data, intent signalsRobust tools, automation, analyticsVast contact database, org chartsIntuitive interface, budget-friendlyData accuracy, enrichment, deliverabilityStreamlined prospecting, LinkedIn syncFinds verified domain emails quicklyPhone, email, social data, deep searchTracks buying signals, targeted outreachDirect phone numbers, software insightsReveals anonymous site traffic, fills data gapsReliable contact info, technographic focus
ConsCan be expensiveSteeper learning curvePricey, accuracy can varyLess extensive database, email-centricLess depth than enterprise toolsOccasional glitches, limited niche dataNarrow focus, no company insightsCan be costly, some inaccuraciesSpecific use case, not for volume-basedPricey, tech stack insights less nicheWebsite/data needs drive costDatabase depth isn’t the absolute largest
Ideal ForEMEA markets, GDPR compliance, enterprisesMid-size/enterprise teams needing complete suiteLarge enterprises needing US lead coverageStartups, SMBs, streamlined email findingTeams focused on deliverability, data qualityProspecting heavily on LinkedInOutbound focused on bulk, verified emailsFinding diverse contact methods (phone+email)ABM strategies, prioritizing hot leadsSales teams prioritizing phone outreachConverting more website traffic to leadsB2B, high data accuracy, tech-focused sales
PricingCustom/Contact SalesTiered (from $49/mo)Custom/ Varies by PlanFrom Free to $51/moFrom $99/moTiered (From Free)From Free to $499/moFrom $80/moContact for QuoteVaries (From Free)Varies by Plan14-Day Trial, then Custom

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