Top Alternatives for AI Music, Voice, & Vocal Removal offers streamlined AI solutions for music production and voice projects. Its AI voice generators, instrument libraries, and vocal removal tools make it a popular choice for musicians and creators. However, if you’re seeking broader options, free alternatives or specialized features, a range of excellent alternatives exists.  This article uncovers the best alternatives to empower your creative expression through AI, expanding your toolkit for cutting-edge sound creation.

Here are some of my favorite alternatives specially picked to satisfy your different needs:

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Best for AI Voice Generation and Cloning.

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Best AI-powered Vocal Remover alternatives for AI Voice Generators & Cloning


ElevenLabs is recognized for its focus on realistic text-to-speech (TTS) and robust voice cloning technology. They aim to create AI-generated voices that are remarkably close to natural human speech.

Key Features
  • Focus on Voice Realism: ElevenLabs prioritizes the generation of AI voices that closely mimic human speech patterns.
  • Powerful Voice Cloning: Their cloning technology is capable of reproducing existing voices with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Voice Customization: Options to adjust pitch, speed, inflection, and other parameters for nuanced audio creation.
  • Diverse Voice Library: A collection of readily available AI voices streamlines the selection process.
Plan NamePrice (Regular)Price (First Month Discount)Characters/Month
Independent Publisher$99/mo500,000
Growing Business$330/mo2,000,000
Pricing Source: ElevenLabs
Ideal For
  • Realistic voiceovers and narration projects.
  • Professional-grade voice cloning needs.
  • Customizing AI voices for unique projects.

Murf AI

Murf AI positions itself as a versatile text-to-speech solution. It prioritizes a user-friendly interface and aims to make creating professional-sounding voiceovers and audio projects accessible to creators of all skill levels.

Key Features
  • Diverse Voice Collection: A wide selection of AI voices across various accents and styles for commercial use.
  • Voice Customization: Control options for speed, pitch, emphasis, and punctuation to tailor the delivery.
  • Intuitive Studio: Drag-and-drop interface simplifies adding music, images, and editing audio directly within the platform.
  • Grammar Assistant: Integrated tool to help refine scripts and ensure smooth text-to-speech conversion.
Plan LevelMonthly Price/UserYearly Price/User
Basic$29$19 ($228 billed annually)
Pro$39$26 ($312 billed annually)
Enterprise$75$75 ($4500 billed annually)
Pricing Source: Murf AI
Ideal For
  • E-learning creators needing realistic voiceovers for tutorials and courses.
  • Presentations and explainer videos where clear, engaging narration is key.
  • Commercial projects requiring access to royalty-free voices.
  • Creators desiring user-friendly tools without sacrificing quality voice generation.

Lovo AI

Lovo AI specializes in voice cloning and expressive AI voice generation. They focus on enabling creators to replicate voices, customize vocal styles, and harness these tools for content creation, gaming, and innovative audio applications.

Key Features
  • Advanced Voice Cloning: Ability to accurately capture the style and essence of a voice for replicating or transfering across different audio.
  • Expressive AI Voices: A dynamic library of voices offering emotive range and customizable speech patterns.
  • Voiceover Marketplace: Platform to connect voice talent with potential clients.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface designed for both technical and non-technical users.
Plan LevelMonthly Price/UserYearly Price/User
Starter$4$4 (Billed monthly only)
Basic$29$24 ($288 billed annually)
Pro$48$24 ($288 billed annually, first year 50% off)
Pricing Source: Lovo AI
Ideal For
  • Content creators needing versatile voiceovers and unique character voices.
  • Projects requiring advanced voice cloning for accuracy and consistency.
  • Gaming and interactive media where distinct, emotive voices are desired.
  • Users seeking to monetize their voice through the marketplace feature.

Resemble AI

Resemble AI offers a strong toolkit for AI voice generation, focusing on deep customization and high-quality voice cloning. They aim to empower users with the ability to fine-tune AI voices for tailored audio productions.

Key Features
  • Voice Cloning: Ability to replicate existing voices with precision for replacing dialogue or preserving voices.
  • Customizable AI Voices: Granular control over voice generation, allowing tweaks to pronunciation, accents, tone, and more.
  • Diverse Voice Options: A range of realistic, pre-built AI voices for quick, polished output.
  • Flexible API: Integration of Resemble AI tools into other apps and workflows for a streamlined production process.
TierPriceVoice Synthesis
Free$0 (Pay-as-you-go)$0.006/second
BASIC$0.006 / secondPay-as-you-go
PRO$99 / month80,000 seconds included
ENTERPRISECustom PricingCustom
Pricing source: Resemble AI
Ideal For
  • Precision voice cloning applications.
  • Creating customizable and unique AI voices.
  • Developers seeking API integration for custom workflows. Alternatives for AI Instrument Library


AIVA AI focuses on providing an AI-powered music composer. Their goal is to generate custom soundtracks and scores in a variety of genres, empowering everyone to create original music effortlessly.

Key Features
  • AI Composition: Generates unique musical pieces from scratch based on genre, mood, and preferences.
  • Diverse Styles: Composes across various genres like Classical, Pop, Rock, and Electronic.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Produces tracks with full ownership rights for commercial use.
  • Customization Tools: Provides the limited ability to tweak instrumentation, tempo, and overall composition.
Plan LevelMonthly PricingYearly Pricing (per month, billed annually)
Standard€15 + VAT€11 + VAT (26% OFF)
Pro€49 + VAT€33 + VAT (33% OFF)
Pricing Spurce: AIVA AI 
Ideal For
  • Video creators needing original, royalty-free soundtracks.
  • Game developers seeking bespoke music to match their game’s ambiance.
  • Content creators who want unique background music for podcasts and streams.
  • Anyone desiring quick and easy music composition without musical expertise.

    Jukebox (OpenAI)

    Jukebox is an open-source AI music generation project from OpenAI that showcases the remarkable potential of AI in music composition. While still under development, it generates original songs with vocals and a surprising level of coherence.

    Key Features
    • Generates Unique Songs: Creates music and lyrics across various genres, expanding traditional AI music generation.
    • Vocals with Lyrics: Its ability to create vocal tracks opens up exciting creative possibilities.
    • Open-Source Access: Allows researchers and developers to experiment and explore its capabilities.
    • Experimental Technology: Offers a glimpse into the future of AI-powered music generation.

    Available for free as it is an open-source model.

    Ideal For
    • Researchers exploring groundbreaking AI music technology.
    • Developers testing integration of AI-generated music with vocals.
    • Creators interested in the leading edge of AI composition.
    • Musicians seeking inspiration from unconventional AI-created music.


    Boomy positions itself as a one-stop platform for royalty-free music discovery and creation. It combines AI music generation with searchable music libraries, simplifying the process of finding the perfect audio tracks for creative projects.

    Key Features
    • AI Music Generator: Tools for quickly composing original, royalty-free tracks based on specific needs.
    • Vast Music Library: Easily search and license tracks from established artists and genres.
    • Mood-Based Search: Intuitive search filters to quickly find music matching the desired ambiance.
    • Streamlined Integration: Simplifies adding music to videos, games, and other content.
    Plan LevelPrice
    Pricing Source: Boomy
    Ideal For
    • Creators needing easy access to both ready-made music and bespoke AI-generated tracks.
    • Video editors needing a wide range of music options for quick selection.
    • Projects requiring royalty-free audio within one user-friendly platform.
    • Anyone seeking music matched to specific moods or project styles.


    Mubert focuses on continuous, generative AI music. Unlike traditional compositions, its creations continuously evolve and flow based on user parameters, delivering adaptable audio streams.

    Key Features
    • Generative Music Streams: Creates an ongoing flow of evolving background music for various applications.
    • Intensity Control: User can shift the energy and ambiance of the music streams in real time.
    • Mood and Genre Customization: Option to set initial style and themes for a focused soundscape.
    • Royalty-Free Licensing: Allows creators to seamlessly use the generated music in projects.
    Plan LevelMonthly PriceYearly Price (per month, billed annually)
    Pricing Source: Mubert
    Ideal For
    • Game developers seeking adaptive soundtracks that react to gameplay.
    • Ambient installations needing ever-changing, flowing soundscapes.
    • Meditation or focus apps looking for customizable, calming audio backgrounds.
    • Creators desiring unique, continuously evolving music for videos or streams.

    Kits AI Alternatives for Vocal Separation


    LALAL.AI specializes in high-quality AI-powered vocal and instrumental stem extraction. It aims to offer a clean separation of individual audio elements for remixes, sampling, or educational purposes.

    Key Features
    • Precise Stem Separation: Isolates vocals, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks.
    • Adjustable Intensity: Provides customization in extraction, offering options for mild to aggressive separation.
    • Batch Processing: Handles multiple files simultaneously for efficiency.
    • Cloud-Based Service: Easy-to-use online platform with no software installation required.
    Pack LevelPriceNumber of MinutesUpload Size Limit per File
    Lite$1890 Minutes2GB
    Pro$35500 Minutes2GB
    Plus$25300 Minutes2GB
    Pricing Source: LALAL.AI
    Ideal For
    • DJs and remix artists needing acapellas or isolated instrumentals.
    • Musicians wanting to practice with specific backing tracks or minus-one versions of songs.
    • Educators creating custom learning materials based on musical compositions.
    • Anyone needing to cleanly extract vocal or instrumental elements from audio.


    PhonicMind is a powerful web-based audio separation tool known for its high-quality results. It accurately isolates vocals, drums, bass, and other elements within musical tracks, creating separate stems.

    Key Features
    • Advanced Stem Separation: Isolates a wider range of elements than some competitors, giving more musical control.
    • Fine-Tuned Separation: Offers options to adjust the strength and aggressiveness of the extraction.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Despite its power, the platform remains relatively easy to navigate and use.
    • Supports Various Formats: Compatible with common audio file types for convenience.

    There is no free trial available for this tool. To use this you need to subscribe to it. The pricing of different plans is given below

    Pay as you go (single song)$3.99Single song extraction
    Pay as you go (50-song bundle)$1.99/song10 song extractions, Expires in 12 months
    Pay as you go (50 song bundle)$1.19/song50 song extractions, Expires in 12 months
    Subscription (Basic)$9.99/monthUnlimited extractions, 2 stems
    Subscription (Pro)$24.99/monthUnlimited extractions, 5 stems
    Pricing Source: PhonicMind 
    Ideal For
    • Music producers seeking clean stems for remixing and reworking existing tracks.
    • DJs requiring individual instrumentals or acapellas for their sets.
    • Musicians wanting to isolate elements for practice, analysis, or creating backing tracks.
    • Audio engineers needing precision separation tools for restoration or repurposing audio.


    Moises excels as a mobile-friendly AI music app. It’s popular with DJs and musicians, offering easy vocal extraction, pitch shifting, and tempo change, empowering direct interaction with music tracks.

    Key Features
    • Vocal and Instrument Isolation: Separates vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments from original songs.
    • Pitch and Speed Control: Changes the key or tempo of tracks for remixing or practice purposes.
    • Metronome and Chord Detection: Aids musicians in learning and playing along with tracks.
    • Mobile Focus: Offers a streamlined experience, making it convenient for use on the go.
    Free$0.00– 5 AI audio separations per month
    Premium$3.99 USD / month– Unlimited AI audio separations
    Ideal For
    • DJs and remixers needing fast vocal isolation and music manipulation tools.
    • Musicians practicing with backing tracks or wanting to transpose parts.
    • Karaoke enthusiasts seeking isolated vocals for sing-alongs.
    • Music students learning chords and analyzing song structures.
    • Anyone desiring a hands-on, mobile-friendly app for interacting with music.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Alternatives

    With all these impressive options, how do you choose the perfect AI audio tools for your projects? Consider these key factors:

    • Focus on Features: Do you prioritize hyper-realistic voices (like ElevenLabs), music composition (like AIVA), or precise vocal removal (like LALAL.AI)? Matching features to your primary creative need is essential.
    • Voice Realism vs. Customization: Some platforms aim for indistinguishable AI voices, while others let you deeply customize existing ones. Find the balance that suits your projects.
    • Technical Skill: Easy-to-use interfaces (like Murf AI) can be ideal for beginners, while others may demand more audio knowledge for full usage.
    • Budget: Options range from free-to-use tools with limits, to subscriptions, and even pay-per-use models. Evaluate your needs against the costs to ensure value.
    • Unique Needs: Does your project involve game development, API integration, or monetizing vocal talent? Seek out alternatives that cater to these special use cases.

    💡 Additional Tip: Many of these services offer free trials or free usage tiers. Experiment before committing for the best fit.

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