19 Cool and Best Gadgets for College Students

Cool and Best Gadgets for College Students

The life of a college student is very busy. After a long school life journey for the first time, they enter college life. So most of the students want to explore new things. But due to the workload of studies, most of them don’t get time to explore and experience new things.

Before moving into the article further I want to let you know that I am also a college student. So to explore new things and keep my college life simple, easy, and productive I took the help of technology and tech gadgets.

Through this article, I have tried to bring up the list of cool and best gadgets for college students that can make your life easier so that you can save some extra time to explore and experience something new. Also having these cool gadgets will make a good impression of yourself in front of your classmates.

This list contains 19 cool college student gadgets and you can choose from them depending upon your requirement and interest. We know that college students have a limited amount of money to spend so the list mainly contains those best gadgets which are mostly affordable.

List of 19 best gadgets for college students

Below is the list of best gadgets for college students. I have personally used some of the gadgets given in this list. So I have included my own personal experience as well.

1. Rocketbook Fusion Notebook 

Rocket Fusion Notebook: gadget for college student

Who wants to carry copies in the college to make notes? Well If you ask me then the answer is “no”. Well, this choice can be subjective and can vary from student to student. But if you are someone like me who prefers to make notes through a smart notebook. Then this gadget is for you.

This is not that I only choose a smart notebook as I don’t want to carry copies. But it has various other advantages as well. It allows me to write, scan, erase, and reuse my notes. It has 42 reusable pages that can be written on with any pen from the Pilot Frixion line. The pages have different templates for planning, sketching, writing, and more.

I can easily scan my notes using the Rocketbook app on my smartphone, and send them to any cloud service of my choice, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. I can also erase my notes using a damp cloth or a microwave oven, and reuse the pages as many times as I want. So this makes this notebook eco-friendly, convenient, and efficient

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2. Bluetooth speaker and water bottle combo

Bluetooth speaker and water bottle combo

This is a gadget that combines a wireless speaker and a stainless steel bottle in one device. It is perfect for listening to music and staying hydrated at the same time. The speaker delivers clear and loud sound and can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. These bottles can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours, and most of them have a capacity of 700 ml. The speaker and the bottle are detachable, so you can use them separately or together. They also come in different colors and patterns and have LED lights that flash along with the music.

I love using this gadget when I go to the gym, the park, or the library.

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3. Folding Keyboard 

Folding Keyboard: Productivity gadget for college student

A folding keyboard is a keyboard that can be folded in a small compact size which can be easily carried while traveling.

I use this gadget while traveling from one place to another to attend various seminars or workshops. So having a foldable keyboard helps me to save a lot of space in my backpack.

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4. Cable protectors

Cable Protectors: utility gadget for college student

This is a simple but effective tool that protects your cables from wear and tear and extends their lifespan. They are made of flexible and durable materials, such as rubber, silicone, or plastic, that wrap around your cables and provide a layer of protection. They prevent your cables from bending at sharp angles, fraying at the ends, breaking at the joints, or getting cut by sharp objects.

This can also help you to organize your cables neatly and tidily by preventing them from tangling or getting mixed up. Some cable protectors also have clips or hooks that allow you to attach your cables to my desk, wall, or bag. They come in different colors and patterns that make your cables look more attractive and unique.

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5. A Smartwatch


Almost everyone knows about this. This gadget has many functions besides displaying the time. It is a fitness tracker, a health monitor, a notification center, a music player, and more. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you incoming calls, messages, emails, social media updates, and other notifications on its touchscreen display. It also tracks your steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality, and other health data. It also lets you control your music playback, set alarms, use voice commands, and access various apps.

So this cool gadget helps you to maintain your health, manage your notifications and also take care of your entertainment.

Having these health benefits and other added advantages make this gadget fall on the list of “gadgets for college students”.

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If your budget is low then I have covered some value-for-money smartwatches under $100 in one of my articles. You can see it by clicking here.

6. A wireless charging tray

Wireless Charging Tray

This is a gadget that allows me to charge multiple devices wirelessly at the same time. It has a sleek and elegant design that looks like a wooden tray with a leather surface. It has three charging coils that can charge any Qi-enabled device, such as smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches, etc.

It also has an LED indicator that shows the charging status of each device. It is compatible with most cases up to 5 mm thick. I use this gadget to charge my devices without having to deal with messy cords or plugs.

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7. Portable Hard Drive

Portable Hard Drive

So why have I included this gadget in this list? As I personally don’t want to take my notes and books wherever I travel. They don’t just feel heavy but also very difficult to manage.

This is the reason that I prefer to store it on a hard drive and carry it while I travel. So this saves my space as well as give me freedom to access my notes, books and lectures anytime.

You can also store all the data in online cloud storages. But I don’t do that as you will require the internet to access them. So I have included this portable Hard drive in this list.

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8. A clip-on lamp

Clip-On Lamp

This is a cool gadget that provides adjustable and dimmable lighting for studying or working at night. It has a flexible gooseneck that can be bent in any direction and clipped onto any surface, such as a desk, a shelf, a bed frame, etc.

Most of the clips on Lamps have three color modes (warm white, natural white, cool white) and ten brightness levels that can be controlled by touch buttons on the base. They have a memory function that remembers the last setting you use. They can be powered by a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB port or adapter.

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9. Noise-canceling Headphones 

Noise Cancelling headphones

Most of the students have to leave their homes to get admission to their dream college. They have to either shift to a hostel or a lodge. But many students have to struggle for a silent environment to study.

So this gadget is for them. You can use these headphones. This cancels the background noise automatically and you get a peaceful place to study even when it’s noisy outside. In this way, your productivity increases.

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10. A laptop phone mount

Laptop Phone Mount

This is a gadget that allows me to attach my phone to the side of my laptop screen and use it as a second monitor. It is useful for multitasking, such as watching videos, browsing the web, checking messages, or taking notes. It is also helpful for video conferencing, as you can see the faces of the participants on my phone while viewing the presentation on the laptop.

The laptop phone mount uses a magnetic design, which can firmly hold my phone next to the laptop without damaging it. It is compatible with all kinds of flat computer displays and smartphones.

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11. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

This is among the best gadgets for college students, especially for those who love reading books. You can read any ebook in this.

The best part is that it feels like a normal page when you read it. It doesn’t strain your eyes and you can read from this for long hours. Its use has become more significant in today’s world as we students seek lots of online resources in the form of books and pdfs to study.

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12. A Smart Home lock

Smart Home Lock

This is a gadget that lets you lock and unlock your door with your smartphone, without using a key. It is convenient, secure, and smart. You can create temporary or permanent codes for your friends, family, or guests, and monitor who comes and goes from your phone.

You can also control the lock remotely, set schedules, or use voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. The home smart lock is easy to install, works with most standard deadbolts, and has a long battery life.

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13. Anti-Theft Backpack with USB port

Anti-Theft BackPack

Do your friends steal your lunch box? Or Do you keep some personal things in your backpack and you don’t want to let your friends access that? So here I have come up with a solution for you. Although I have not personally used this gadget personally as I never felt its need. But you can use it to keep your backpack protected; both from your wicked friends and thieves.

Anti Theft backpacks come with various safety features such as they are slash-proof and have lockable and hidden zippers and pockets. These backpacks are also water-resistant.

These features make your backpack secure. Also, this has a USB port so you can also charge your mobile anywhere.

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14. A wireless mouse

Wireless Mouse

This is a gadget that makes your laptop work more comfortably and efficiently. It is wireless, so you don’t have to deal with cords or plugs. It is ergonomic, so it fits your hand well and reduces wrist strain. It is responsive, so it works smoothly and accurately on any surface. It is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries

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15. A microwave rice cooker

MicroWave Rice Cooker

I am out of my home for my studies and I live in a rented room. So this gadget helps me cook rice quickly and easily in the microwave. It is simple, safe, and versatile. I just have to measure the rice and water, put them in the cooker, and microwave for 15 minutes. The cooker has a vented lid that prevents spills and splatters, and a locking handle that makes it easy to carry. I also use it to steam vegetables, make soup, or reheat leftovers.

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16. A portable printer

Portable Printer

This is a gadget that allows you to print photos from your phone or tablet anywhere and anytime. It is compact, lightweight, and wireless. It uses Zink technology, which means it doesn’t need ink cartridges or toners. It prints 2×3 inch photos that are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. It also has a peel-and-stick backing that lets me turn my photos into stickers.

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17. A USB-powered clip-on fan

USB Powered Clip-On Fan

This is a gadget that keeps me cool and refreshed when I work or study at my desk. It is USB-powered, so I can plug it into my laptop, power bank, or adapter. It has a clip-on design, so I can attach it to any edge of my desk, shelf, or bed frame. It has a flexible neck, so I can adjust the angle and direction of the airflow. It has three-speed settings, so I can choose the level of cooling I need.

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18. Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earphones

As a student, I always try to keep my life simple and easy so I prefer wireless earphones over the wired ones. Wireless earphones offer multiple benefits such as:

  • they are flexible and comfortable to use
  • completely eliminates the hassle of handling wires.

When wireless earphones were launched first then they were costly at that time. But now they are affordable so you can easily buy them.

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19. WiFi Coffee Maker

Wireless Coffee Maker

Most of the students have the habit of studying at night. Especially when they have their exams. So coffee is the best drink that can keep you fresh and awake at night.

With wifi coffee makers you can prepare a coffee sitting at your study table or bed. These machines are connected to your mobile via wifi and you can manage them with the help of an app.

You can set the temperature as well as the amount of coffee to be prepared with the help of the app.

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Comparison Table: Overview Of Best Students Gadgets

All the gadgets that I have mentioned above are given below in tabular form along with their price range and usage. This will help you to pick the best cool and useful gadgets for yourself 😀

GadgetPrice RangeUsage
Rocket fusion notebook$27.95 – $49.66A reusable notebook with different page styles that can be erased and synced to cloud services
Bluetooth speaker and water bottle combo$19.99 – $39.99A water bottle with a detachable wireless speaker that can play music and answer calls
Folding Keyboard$19.99 – $69.99A portable wireless keyboard that can be folded and connected to various devices
Cable protectors$6.99 – $29.99A spiral cover that protects the cables from bending and breaking
A smartwatch$29.99 – $399.99A wearable device that can track fitness, health, notifications, and more
A wireless charging tray$29.99 – $79.99A device that can charge multiple gadgets wirelessly by placing them on the tray
Portable hard drive$49.99 – $199.99A device that can store large amounts of data and can be carried easily
A clip on lamp$9.99 – $29.99A lamp that can be attached to any surface and provide illumination
Noise-canceling headphones$29.99 – $399.99A pair of headphones that can block out unwanted sounds and deliver high-quality audio
A laptop phone mount$9.99 – $39.99A device that can hold the phone next to the laptop screen for multitasking
Amazon Kindle$89.99 – $299.99A device that can store and display thousands of ebooks
A home smart lock$69.99 – $299.99A device that can lock and unlock the door remotely using a smartphone or a voice assistant
Anti-theft backpack with USB port$19.99 – $69.99A backpack that has hidden zippers, slash-proof material, and a built-in USB port for charging devices
A wireless mouse$9.99 – $79.99A mouse that can connect to the laptop or computer without a wire
A microwave rice cooker$9.99 – $39.99A container that can cook rice in the microwave quickly and easily
A portable printer$69.99 – $299.99A printer that can print photos or documents from a smartphone or tablet anywhere
A USB powered clip on fan$9.99 – $29.99A fan that can be clipped onto any surface and powered by a USB port
Wireless earphones$19.99 – $249.99A pair of earphones that can connect to the phone or other devices without a wire
Wifi Coffee Maker$69.99 – $299.99A coffee maker that can be controlled by a smartphone or a voice assistant over wifi

How to choose the right cool and best gadgets for college students?

To choose the right cool and best gadgets for college students, you should consider the following factors:

  • Your budget: You should set a realistic budget for your gadgets and stick to it. You should also look for discounts, deals, coupons, and student offers to save money.
  • Your needs: You should identify your needs and priorities for your gadgets. You should also think about how often and where you will use them.
  • Your preferences: You should choose gadgets that match your preferences and style. You should also consider the features, functions, design, color, size, weight, and compatibility of the gadgets.
  • Check reviews: You should read reviews and ratings from other users and experts to get an idea of the quality, performance, durability, and reliability of the gadgets. You should also compare different brands and models to find the best one for you.

Conclusion: Gadgets For College Students

In conclusion, gadgets for college students are not only useful but also essential in today’s digital world. Whether it is a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a smartwatch, a wireless earbud, a portable charger, or a smart backpack, there is a gadget for every need and preference.  So the list of college student gadgets can be endless. But these are the most important and best gadgets for college students that you should purchase to save time and to make your work easier.

These cool gadgets will make you more efficient and productive. 

By choosing the right gadgets for their needs and goals, students can make the most of their college life and prepare for their future careers.

I hope you liked this article and if you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments ☺️.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should college students invest in cool and best gadgets?

College students should invest in cool and best gadgets because they can help them improve their academic performance, productivity, creativity, and well-being. They can also make their college life more fun, convenient, and enjoyable. Cool and best gadgets can also be a good investment for their future career and personal development.

What is the best gadget for taking notes during lectures?

A smartpen is an ideal gadget for taking notes during lectures. It lets you write notes on a digital notebook and then automatically converts and stores them to your device. Some of the best smart pens are Livescribe Symphony Smartpen and Neo Smartpen N2. One thing to note here is: read their description to check their compatibility.

What is the most useful gadget for staying organized?

Cable organizers are devices that help you keep your desk clutter-free and make it easier to find the cord you need when you need it. They can be clips, ties, sleeves, boxes, or racks that hold your cables in place and prevent them from tangling or getting lost. Cable organizers can also protect your cables from damage and extend their lifespan. Some examples of cable organizers are the D-Line Cable Management Box, the OHill Cable Clips, and the JOTO Cable Management Sleeve.

What is the most versatile gadget for college students?

The tablet is one of the most versatile gadgets for college students as it gives them all the benefits of a smartphone. At the same time, its big screen helps you enjoy content like the laptop screen.

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