Voicify AI Alternatives: Explore Top AI Music Creation Tools

Voicify AI stands out as an innovative platform allowing users to create unique AI-generated music covers utilizing voices resembling popular artists. However, when exploring possibilities within the realm of AI-powered music creation, various other compelling alternatives offer different capabilities and approaches.

Why Explore Alternatives to Voicify AI?

  • Expanded Artist/Voice Collections: Other platforms may feature even larger libraries of artist voice models or alternative voice styles to complement your musical vision.
  • Customization Options: Certain alternatives provide deeper control over tempo, key signature, backing tracks, and other essential musical elements.
  • Pricing Structures: You may want to find free or more cost-effective options compared to Voicify AI’s pricing model, especially for personal or exploratory projects.
  • Integration Possibilities: Different platforms offer specialized integration with your existing music production or distribution workflows.

Here are my top favorite picks for you:


Create custom AI song covers with cloned or popular artist voices.


Create AI covers with virtual artists resembling real singers, & chat with them

Singify by FineShare

Transform songs into AI covers with various artist voices and styles

Voicify AI Alternatives at a Glance

Platform NameMain FocusIdeal For
Singify by FineShareFree AI song coversCasual music fans, AI music experimentation
BoomyCatchy songs & social mediaContent creators, quick music needs
Musicfy.lolVoice cloning music creationsExperimental projects with cloned voices
YourArtistAI Music insights & virtual singersMusicians, labels seeking data & AI promos
MusicStar.aiOriginal AI songwritingSongwriters needing ideas, AI collaborators
Voicemod.net (AI Song Gen)Vocal memes with AI voicesCasual users wanting AI voice entertainment
AIVAOriginal AI compositionsComposers, filmmakers, needing in-depth music creation
MubertRoyalty-free, customizable tracksContent creators, game devs, adaptive music needs
MelodyStudio.netMelody making, lead sheetsCasual songwriters, those starting a composition
SoundfulRoyalty-free background musicVideo creators, game devs, commercial use
WellSaid LabsRealistic TTS, branded voiceBusinesses needing unique TTS voices
Replica StudiosGame & entertainment voice AIGame studios, immersive experience creators

Voicify AI Alternatives For AI Music Cover/Song Creation

Singify by FineShare

Singify by fineshare

A free, web-based AI song cover generator that transforms your favorite songs into different artist voices and styles.

Key Features
  • Large voice model library
  • Simple interface
  • Ability to upload your own recordings
  • Option to adjust cover tempo and energy level
  • Sharing features for social media or download
Pros and Cons


  • Free to use
  • Fun and easy for AI music experiments
  • No software installation required


  • Output quality can be inconsistent
  • Limited customization options
Plan TypePriceCredits
Free Account$0 (forever)2,000
Pay As You Go$8.99 (one-time)50,000
Custom Model$19.99/Model
For the latest pricing visit: Signify

Ideal for: Casual music fans seeking free AI covers for personal enjoyment, and those curious about AI music tools.


Musicfy.lol Website

An AI-powered platform focused on voice cloning and creating customizable AI music, including covers with your choice of artist voices.

Key Features
  • Voice cloning to mimic your voice or upload an existing voice model
  • Text-to-music for generating new songs
  • Ability to use cloned voices or AI-generated artist voices in songs
  • Basic customization options for tweaking generated music
Pros and Cons


  • Fun concept for song covers using your own voice
  • Potential for unique creative projects involving voice cloning
  • Intuitive interface for text-to-music generation


  • Output quality can vary depending on voice models
  • Customization options might be limited for full music production
  • Potential copyright concerns using cloned voices without permission
PlanMonthly PricingYearly PricingGenerations per Month
For the latest pricing visit: Musicfy.lol

Ideal for: Casual music fans seeking voice cloning entertainment, experimenting with AI covers, and creators needing basic tools for voice-focused projects.

Soundful AI Music Generator

Soundful AI music generator

An AI music generator specializing in royalty-free background tracks, with increasing capabilities for song creation using artist styles.

Key Features
  • Mood, genre, and instrumentation filters
  • Adjustable track length and tempo
  • Customization of elements within generated tracks
  • Options to use artist voice models for songs
Pros and Cons


  • Large library of royalty-free music
  • Suitable for commercial licensing
  • Intuitive interface for customization


  • The song-creation feature is still under development
  • Pricing plans involve credits/downloads
PlanPrice (Yearly)Downloads per Month
Content Creator$59.99100
Music Creator Plus$95.99300
For the latest pricing visit: Soundful

Ideal for: Content creators needing background music for videos and podcasts, game developers, and those seeking commercially usable AI-generated soundtracks.


Yourartist.ai dashboard

YourArtist stands out as a unique platform where users can interact with AI-powered virtual artists. These virtual artists are often created to resemble popular singers or music personalities.

Key Features
  • AI-Generated Covers: Generate your cover versions of popular songs using the voices of various virtual artists.
  • AI Chat: Engage in entertaining conversations with virtual artists, simulating authentic interaction.
  • Vocal Cloning: Develop a personalized virtual artist by training an AI voice model using your voice.
Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Concept: Creates a fun, experimental space for fans and musicians to create personalized music experiences.
  • Creative Possibilities: Experiment with different cover styles and musical arrangements using diverse artist voices.
  • Community Interaction: Provides opportunities to connect with music enthusiasts and participate in the development of virtual artists.


  • Potential Vocal Uncanniness: AI-generated voices may not perfectly replicate the nuances and inflections of real singers.
  • Limited Customization: Compared to professional music production tools, control over musical elements might be constrained.

The pricing table is given below. But plans may change over time so to see the updated and latest pricing visit:  YourArtist

Ideal for: Music fans interested in unique musical covers and the novelty of interacting with virtual artists. Creators looking for an approachable platform to develop their voice models and virtual music personalities.



An AI-powered music app designed to generate catchy songs instantly, fueled by your simple prompts and ideas.

Key Features
  • Instant song generation from basic prompts
  • Library of various genres and styles
  • Ability to tweak melodies and lyrics
  • Export/share options for social media
Pros and Cons


  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Emphasizes fun and catchy beats
  • Great for social media content creation


  • Less focused on specific artist voice models
  • Limited vocal customization options
  • Primarily aimed at short, looped pieces
PlanPrice per MonthSong SavesDownloads
Free$0.0025No downloads
Creator$9.9950010 MP3 per month
Pro$29.99Unlimited25 MP3 & WAV/month
For the latest pricing visit: Boomy

Ideal for: Content creators looking for unique background music, casual musicians seeking inspiration, and those who want quick, shareable tunes.


Musicstar.ai Website image

A platform that lets you generate original songs using AI, including music and lyrics tailored to your chosen genre, style, and desired mood.

Key Features
  • Wide range of genres and artist inspirations
  • Options to add your own lyrics or have them AI-generated
  • Basic instrument adjustments for the composition
  • Download and export options
Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface, easy to use even for beginners
  • Focus on songwriting with lyrics and structure
  • Can spark inspiration and songwriting ideas


  • Output quality can be inconsistent
  • Likely a subscription model for unlimited use
  • Full creativity requires some musical editing expertise
For the latest pricing visit: Musicstar.ai

Ideal for: Songwriters seeking a jumpstart or outside-the-box inspiration, and those interested in exploring the capabilities of generative AI music tools.

Voicemod.net AI Song Generator

Voicemod AI song generator

A user-friendly online tool that transforms text into song snippets with AI-generated vocals mimicking popular singers.

Key Features
  • Selection from various singers and genres
  • Simple text input for lyrics
  • Sharing features for social media
  • Integrated with the main Voicemod voice changing software
Pros and Cons


  • A fun and quick way to create musical memes/content
  • Simple design makes it accessible
  • Web-based tool, free as of now 


  • Output quality can be hit or miss
  • Primarily for short “meme” songs rather than developed tracks
  • Limited to preset options, minimal customization

Free to use as of Feb 2024

Ideal for: Casual users wanting to create shareable soundbites with unique AI voices, and fans of creating lighthearted content.



An AI music composition platform aimed at assisting composers and creators with original music generation across various styles.

Key Features
  • Composes in genres from classical to electronic
  • Tools for adjusting harmony, melody, and rhythm
  • MIDI export for use in your chosen music software
  • Option to create style models based on your input
Pros and Cons


  • Focus on original compositions, not just covers
  • Deep customization potential for experienced users
  • Royalty-free licensing options for commercial use


  • May have a steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Best results likely with music theory knowledge
  • Can require iterative tweaking to perfect the output
PlanPrice (Billed Annually)Downloads per MonthTrack Duration
Free, Forever€03Up to 3 mins
Standard Annually€11/month (+ VAT)15Up to 5 mins
Pro Annually€33/month (+ VAT)300Up to 5 mins 30 secs
For the latest pricing visit: AIVA

Ideal for: Composers seeking AI inspiration and collaboration, filmmakers needing original scores, and music producers experimenting with AI tools.



Mubert distinguishes itself as a platform centered around AI-driven music generation, composition, and production. Users can craft unique music tracks tailored to specific moods, genres, and applications.

Key Features
  • Mood and Genre-Based Generation: Quickly generate royalty-free tracks matching desired moods, musical styles, and lengths.
  • Customization Tools: Edit generated tracks, alter instrumentation, and fine-tune various musical elements to suit your project.
  • Real-Time Mastering: Mubert offers mastering tools to give your AI-generated music a polished, professional sound.
  • Voice Generation: Beyond instrumentals, Mubert includes features for AI-powered voice and vocal performance generation.
Pros and Cons


  • Seamless Workflow: The intuitive interface makes it accessible to non-musicians and experienced producers alike.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for creating background music for videos, podcasts, advertisements, and more.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Can provide a more affordable solution for royalty-free music production compared to hiring composers.


  • Potential for Repetition: AI-generated music may fall into familiar patterns with extensive use, prompting additional user customization for uniqueness.
  • Limited Human Input: May not completely replace the artistic nuances and specific direction from a human composer.
  • Musical Expertise: Getting the most out of Mubert’s advanced features may still benefit from some musical knowledge.
PlanTotal Price Billed AnnuallyTracks per Month
For the latest pricing visit: Mubert

Ideal for: Content creators needing versatile audio backgrounds for videos, podcasts, and social media projects. Game developers seeking an efficient method for developing adaptive and dynamic game soundtracks.

MelodyStudio.net (AI Song Generator)


An AI-powered platform designed to streamline music creation, facilitating both melody generation and lead sheet creation.

Key Features
  • Generate melodies tailored to your lyrics
  • Chord suggestion tool (or import your own progressions)
  • Editing and refinement tools for generated melodies
  • Built-in LyricStudio for assistance with lyric writing
Pros and Cons


  • Focus on both chords and melody creation
  • Intuitive interface suitable for beginners
  • Useful for crafting basic lead sheets
  • Can provide a solid starting point for songs


  • Generated melodies can require refining
  • AI output quality will depend on the provided inputs
Subscription PeriodPrice Billed
1 month$7.99
6 months$39.00
12 months$71.88
For the latest pricing visit: MelodyStudio.net

Ideal for: Casual musicians seeking songwriting assistance, those new to music composition, and anyone looking to kickstart the creative process.

Other Alternatives of Voicify AI

WellSaid Labs

An enterprise-level AI text-to-speech platform known for its highly realistic, customizable voices and emphasis on building branded voice identities.

Key Features
  • Extensive library of realistic and expressive voices
  • Voice cloning technology for unique branded avatars
  • Intuitive text-to-speech studio with editing tools
  • API integration for developers
Pros and Cons


  • Industry-leading voice quality and realism
  • Ideal for large-scale voiceover projects
  • Ability to create unique, ownable brand voices


  • Likely a premium/paid service model
  • May be overkill for casual users
  • Voice cloning requires collection of voice data

Ideal for: Businesses seeking brand consistency in voice assistants and audio ads, developers needing sophisticated TTS and voice integration, enterprises creating professional training materials with AI voiceover.

Replica Studios

AI voice generation platform specializing in expressive, nuanced voices tailored to the needs of the gaming and entertainment industry.

Key Features
  • Library of pre-built unique AI voices
  • Emotion and style control for nuanced performances
  • Integration with Unreal Engine, Unity, and other game development tools
  • Support for localization and multiple languages
Pros and Cons


  • High-quality voices for dynamic in-game dialogue
  • Simplifies the voice-acting process for game development
  • Potential applications in immersive entertainment experiences


  • Likely involves licensing fees or subscription plans
  • May require some integration/coding knowledge
  • Geared towards developers, not individual content creators

Ideal for: Game studios seeking cost-effective and flexible voice acting solutions, creators of interactive or immersive narrative experiences, projects aiming to personalize in-game interactions with dynamic AI voices.

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