How Different Generations Use Social Media?

How different generations use social media

The world has turned into a global village with the advent of the Internet. Different people prefer different types of content and hope to gain differently from online interactions. Social media users across generations prefer visual content such as images and videos. Visually-driven platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are popular among younger generations. …

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Is Blogger good for blogging?

Is blogger good for blogging

Yes, Blogger is a good blogging platform. It is a free and popular blogging platform that allows you to create and manage your own blogs. But before choosing this for blogging you should consider certain factors which are given here. Blogger is a blogging platform for those who are new in the field of blogging …

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Is blogging still popular?

Is blogging still popular

Yes, blogging is still a popular activity in this digital age, despite the rise of other forms of online content that are more entertaining and visually more appealing.  In the past few years, the number of new bloggers has decreased but the significance of blogging is still the same.  Still there is a large number …

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Are cheap smartwatches worth it?

are cheap smartwatches worth it

Cheap smartwatches may or may not be worth it for you. It depends on your budget, personal needs and preferences. You should consider the factors given below that will help you to determine its worthiness for you: Tips to choose the best cheap smartwatch for you Features: It is obvious that cheap smartwatches have fewer …

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Can Amazon Pay ICICI credit card be used anywhere?

can amazon pay credit card be used anywhere

Are you looking for a credit card that offers you amazing rewards, cashback and convenience for shopping on Amazon? If yes, then you might have heard of the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card, a co-branded card from Amazon and ICICI Bank that gives you unlimited benefits on your shopping. But can Amazon Pay ICICI credit …

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How do I send phone from USA to Nigeria

how do i send phone from usa to nigeria

There are many courier providers that help you to send phones from the USA to Nigeria. Below is the detailed process that you can follow to send your phone from the USA to Nigeria.  Ways to send phone from USA to Nigeria By following these ways you can easily ship your phone from US to …

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Does amazon sell fake products?

does amazon sell fake products

No, Amazon doesn’t sell fake products. In rare cases, it may be possible that some fake or counterfeit products may be offered for sale on Amazon by any third-party sellers. Amazon is one the renowned e-commerce sites, so committed to sell authentic products to its customers in India and around the world. To ensure this, …

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Why does the alarm work when the phone is switched off?


In your phone when you set up an alarm, then its information gets stored in the phone’s internal memory. This includes the time to ring the alarm and other additional settings, such as the tone of the alarm and its snooze duration. When the alarm ringing times arrive then the phone’s internal clock (which is …

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Is content writing and blogging same?

is content writing and blogging same

Content writing and blogging are almost similar. As they are both related to creating written content for the internet. But they are not exactly the same. There are some differences between them. Content writing is something that refers to creating any type of written content that you see on the internet. As I have written …

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Best UPI App For SBI in 2023

Best upi app for sbi

If you are looking for the best UPI app for SBI, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you find the perfect UPI app for your SBI account, by comparing some of the most popular options in the market. UPI, or Unified Payments Interface, is a revolutionary system that …

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