2024’s Top 15.ai Alternatives: Text-to-Speech, & AI Voices

Tired of 15.ai’s limitations? You’re not alone. While it’s a popular text-to-speech tool but this tool has been taken down and only a community-owned version is available. So due to privacy concerns and ethical considerations, it’s worth looking for the 15.ai alternatives.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Detailed reviews of the top 15.ai competitors, highlighting their key features, pros, and cons.
  • Expert insights to help you choose the perfect text-to-speech tool for your specific needs and budget.
  • Bonus tips on maximizing your voiceover creations using AI

List of 15.ai alternatives

1.Murf AI8.FineVoice by Fineshare
2.Play.ht9.Lovo AI
3.TopMedi AI10.Voice.ai
4.Narakeet AI11.Resemble AI
6.SpeechGen 13.UnicTool MagicVoc
7.FakeYou AI14.EaseUS VoiceOver

Best 15 ai Alternatives

#1. Murf AI

Murf is a text-to-speech software with over 120 natural voices in 20+ languages. It offers features like voice cloning and customizations for pitch and speed, making voiceover creation efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional methods involving voice actors and studios.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Offers effective synchronization with videos and presentations
  • Includes a transcription feature
  • API access and team collaboration


  • overlapping voiceovers or occasional articulation errors
  • less voice variety compared to some competitors
  • Supports fewer languages as compared to some competitors

Pricing Table

PlanPrice/User/MonthAnnual Billing
BASIC$29 ($19 with annual plan)$228 billed annually
PRO$39 ($26 with annual plan)$312 billed annually
ENTERPRISE$75$4500 billed annually
Pricing Source: Murf AI

#2. Play.ht

Play.ht is a text-to-speech software with over 900 voices in more than 140 languages, known for its high-quality and customizable voiceovers. It stands out for its ultra-realistic voices, ideal for various applications like e-books, podcasts, and IVR systems, enhancing user engagement across different content types.


  • Utilizes advanced AI to generate human-like voice performances
  • Control tone, speed, style, and pronunciations for personalized voiceovers.
  • Replicate specific voices for brand consistency or character creation.


  • Tiered pricing based on character count and features, can be expensive for high-volume usage.
  • Post-production editing options are scarce compared to dedicated audio editing software.
  • Commercial usage rights require additional fees, impacting some use cases.

Pricing Table

PlanPrice/User/MonthAnnual Billing
CREATOR$39 ($31.20 with annual plan)$374 billed annually
UNLIMITED$99$348 billed annually (Limited time offer)
ENTERPRISEContact Sales TeamContact Sales Team
Pricing Source: Play.ht

#3. TopMedi AI

TopMedi is a text-to-speech tool offering over 3200 AI voices in 70+ languages. It enables custom voiceovers and voice cloning, supporting various audio formats. Users can replace human narrations with AI voices, avoiding the cost of voice actors. The cloning feature allows uploading voice samples for personalized cloning, enhancing content creation efficiency.


  • Offer tools for voice cloning, image enhancement, and video editing.
  • Control voice parameters like speed, pitch, and emphasis for nuanced audio output.
  •  Provides a wide range of voice filters and soundboards


  • Free features are limited, and access to most voices and tools requires a paid subscription.
  • While video tools are available, they offer basic functionality compared to dedicated video editing software.

Pricing Table for Audio Tool

Pricing Source: TopMediAI

#4. Narakeet

Narakeet is a text-to-speech software supporting 80 languages and over 500 voices, designed for creating videos from images or PowerPoint presentations. Users input voiceover text into presenter notes, and Narakeet generates voice-enabled slideshows. It also offers templates for quick video creation.


  • Generate up to 20 audio files for free before committing to a paid plan.
  • Multiple Tools: including video editing, scriptwriting, and subtitle generation.
  • API Integration


  • Limits maximum video dimension up to 2560 pixels for both height and width. 
  • Lacks voice customization features like speed, pitch, and emphasis adjustments.

Pricing Table

S.NoAudio DurationPrice
1.30 minutes$6
2.300 minutes$45
3.1,000 minutes$100
4.2,500 minutes$200
5.10,000 minutes$500
Pricing Source: Narakeet

#5. TTSMaker

TTSMaker is a web-based platform that allows you to convert text into natural-sounding speech in over 100 languages and various voice styles. With its free and accessible features, it’s a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.


  • Use TTSMaker with unlimited text-to-speech conversions for no cost. 
  • Choose from over 200 AI voices, including male, female, and even children’s voices
  • Commercial use allowed


  • The free version restricts the text length you can convert to audio, typically around 3000 characters.
  • Limited control over voice parameters like pitch, speed, or emphasis.
  • Requires an internet connection to function.

Pricing: Free

#6. SpeechGen

SpeechGen is a cloud-based text-to-speech (TTS) platform offering a diverse selection of AI voices for various applications. It boasts features like adjustable speech parameters and multiple file formats, making it a popular choice for video creators, educators, and businesses alike.


  • Available in over 600 AI voices in over 70 languages
  • Control pitch, speed, and emphasis to personalize the voice 
  • API Integration


  • The free tier restricts the number of voices, audio duration, and download options..
  • Although downloadable audio files offer some flexibility, SpeechGen primarily operates online.

Pricing Table

PlanOne Time Payment
25K Limit Pack$4.99
65K Limit Pack$9.99
200K Limit Pack$24.99
500K Limit Pack$49.99
Pricing Source: SpeechGen

#7. FakeYou AI

FakeYou AI is a text-to-speech tool with a twist: it creates lip-synced videos using images or videos of real people. While primarily intended for entertainment and educational purposes, it’s crucial to use it responsibly due to potential misuse.


  • Lip-synced Video Creation
  • Create funny or educational videos by animating the faces of celebrities, historical figures, or even yourself.


  • Deepfakes can be misused to create misleading or harmful content
  • Using real people’s likenesses without consent raises ethical and legal issues to consider.
  • You have limited control over facial expressions or emotions in the generated videos.

Pricing table

Pricing Source: FakeYou

#8. FineVoice by FineShare 

FineVoice by FineShare is an AI voice changer offering real-time voice modulation for platforms like Twitch, Discord, and Zoom. It features over 1000 voice and 200 sound effects, customizable with 28+ audio effects.

Additional tools include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, audio extraction from videos, and voice modification for files. Its TTS AI Engine supports various voices, including anime, fictional characters, and celebrities, making it suitable for podcasters, streamers, gamers, and content creators.


  • Available in over 40+ languages and accents
  • Options to adjust pitch, tone, emphasis, and pauses for word-level precision.
  • Apply fun voice effects like a robot, child, or alien, perfect for live streaming, gaming, and entertainment.
  • Integrate sound effects and background sounds for richer audio experiences.


  • The free tier restricts features like voice selection, customization, and audio length, requiring paid plans for full access.

Pricing Plan

Plan DurationPrice
1 Month Plan$9.90
1 Year Plan$39.90

#9. Lovo AI

Lovo.ai is recognized for its innovative AI voice generation, offering over 500 voices in 100 languages, making it versatile for creating diverse voiceovers. Its technology is known for replicating human-like nuances, making AI voices sound natural.


  • Choose from over 500 voices in 100+ languages and accents.
  • Fine-tune voices with emotion, speed, pronunciation, and even sound effects.
  • Generate dialogue featuring multiple characters, adding depth to your content.
  • Create subtitles automatically


  • Certain voices or pronunciations might sound artificial.
  • Priority support is reserved for higher-paying plans.
  • Individual character personalization is lacking.

Pricing Table

PlanMonthly Price
Basic$29 ($24 with annual plan)
Pricing source: Lovo.ai

#10. Voice.ai

Voice.ai leverages a vast database of over 15 million voices to offer customizable voice-changing capabilities, enhancing the gaming experience, especially in RPGs. It’s a strong alternative to 15 ai, allowing real-time voice alterations to various characters, including cartoons and celebrities, perfect for live streams and gaming.


  • Large library of different voices to choose from
  • AI-powered voice changing in real-time
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, such as gaming, online anonymity, and entertainment


  • Not all features are available in the free version
  • Privacy concerns, as the company collects user data

#11. Resemble AI

Resemble AI offers services in two main areas: Custom AI Voice Cloning and Deepfake Detection & Protection. Founded in 2019, they aim to revolutionize voice-centric applications with their advanced AI capabilities.


  • Supports text-to-speech conversion and voice cloning in over 60 languages, expanding global reach.
  • Offers AI-powered audio editing tools for manipulating and enhancing synthetic voices.
  • Provides real-time deep fake audio detection and AI watermarks


  • Voice cloning technology raises ethical questions around misuse and the potential for deception.
  • Achieving perfect voice replication and controlling voice nuances can be challenging.

Pricing Table

TierPriceVoice Synthesis
Free$0 (Pay-as-you-go)$0.006/second
BASIC$0.006 / secondPay-as-you-go
PRO$99 / month80,000 seconds included
ENTERPRISECustom PricingCustom
Pricing source: Resemble.ai

#12. Uberduck

Uberduck is an open-source text-to-speech and voice cloning app that features a vast library of over two thousand celebrity and character voices, from rappers like Kanye West to characters like Peter Griffin. 

It offers a unique ‘private voice clone’ plan for personalized voice training and an easy-to-use platform where users can input text and select a voice for instant audio generation. 


  • Includes an image generation feature.
  • Real-Time Voice Manipulation
  • Allows generating instrumental music and rap songs with user-provided lyrics and style preferences.
  • Community-driven development (Open-source)


  • Deepfake capabilities and impersonation tools could be misused for harmful purposes.
  • Commercial use requires paid subscriptions with specific permissions.
PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceFeatures
Free$0$0Non-commercial use, Private voice access, 300 render credits/month
Creator$9.99$96Commercial use, API access, Lower latency, AI-generated raps, 3600+ render credits/month
EnterpriseContactContactAll Creator features plus Custom voice cloning, Lowest latency, Teams & collaboration, Templated audio generation, Dedicated support, 500k+ render credits/month
Pricing source: Uberduck

#13. UnicTool MagicVox 

UnicTool MagicVox is an AI voice changer with over 400 effects, including the voices of Joe Biden, Darth Vader, and SpongeBob. It features voice cloning, a soundboard, and a customizable voice studio. Compatible with platforms like Discord and Zoom, it allows personalizing chosen voices for diverse uses.


  • Handles text-to-speech in over 50 languages
  • Allows adjusting voice parameters like pitch, speed, and emotion to achieve the desired effect.
  • Allows users to assign specific keyboard shortcuts for quickly activating different voice and sound effects.


  • The free plan restricts character count, voice selection, and commercial use.
  • Voice quality might not always be consistent across different voices and languages.
PlanPrice/DaysTotal PriceBilling Cycle
Lifetime<$0.01$39.95One-time for lifetime
(Limited Time Offer )
1-Month$0.29$8.95Monthly auto-renewal
1-Quarter$0.14$12.95Quarterly auto-renewal
1-Year$0.05$19.95Yearly auto-renewal
Pricing source: UnicTool MagicVox

#14. EaseUS VoiceOver

The EaseUS VoiceOver tool is an online voiceover generator that supports over 140 languages and offers a collection of 450+ voices. It stands out with features like emotional tone adjustment and is available for free, even for professional use, making it a strong alternative to other voiceover tools.

Tips for Maximizing Your Voiceover Creations with AI

Preparation is Key:

  • Script Optimization: Write a clear, concise script with natural pauses and variations in pace and emphasis. AI can’t improvise, so clarity is essential.
  • Voice Selection: Choose a voice that aligns with your character and project tone. Consider demographics, emotions, and intended audience.
  • Reference Material: Provide the AI with reference audio (professional voice actors, character voices) to guide its performance.

Fine-tuning & Customization:

  • Punctuation & Pronunciation: Use punctuation strategically to control intonation and rhythm. Double-check pronunciation for accuracy.
  • Emotional Delivery: Experiment with different settings and prompts to achieve the desired emotional tone. Some AI tools offer built-in emotions.
  • Emphasis & Pauses: Use emphasis markers or adjust timing to highlight important points and create natural pauses.

Post-Production Magic:

  • Editing & Mixing: Remove unwanted noise, adjust volume levels, and add sound effects for a polished sound.
  • Music & Sound Design: Integrate music and sound effects to enhance the atmosphere and convey emotions.
  • Iteration & Refinement: Don’t be afraid to experiment, tweak settings, and re-record for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 15.AI still exist?

15.ai is currently offline (since Sept 2022) for an update, with no confirmed return date.

Does 15.ai cost money?

15.ai itself is free to use. It doesn’t require any subscriptions or payments. However, it’s important to note that it’s been offline since September 2022 for an update and there’s currently no confirmed return date.

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