Top 14 NovelAI Alternatives for Creative Writing in 2024

Tired of NovelAI’s limitations or pricing? Discover a world of incredible AI writing tools that can take your creativity to the next level. This article breaks down top NovelAI alternatives, offering solutions for everything from budget-friendly options to feature-rich platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a creative explorer, NovelAI offers diverse applications. Today, we dive into top alternatives for its two core strengths: immersive storytelling and image generation. Get ready to find tools that perfectly meet your creative needs.


Top NovelAI Alternatives

For Creative Writing

SudoWrite Logo


An AI-powered writing assistant designed to help writers with creative processes.


ShortlyAI Logo


An AI tool for overcoming writer’s block and enhancing writing efficiency.


HoloAI Logo


An AI writer for novels and stories, offering personalized writing assistance.


InferKit Logo


An AI-powered text generation for creative writing and content creation.


For  Marketing & Short-Form Content Focus

Jasper AI Logo

Jasper AI

A”robotic writer” tool that enhances content creation speed and quality.


Rytr Logo


AI writing assistant that boosts content creation, offering quick, high-quality texts.


HoloAI Logo

Generates diverse content types like blog headlines and social media posts.


Chibi AI Logo

Chibi AI

AI writing assistant, providing control over context to enhance writing skills.


Other Helpful NovelAI Alternatives

AI Dungeon Logo

AI Dungeon

AI-driven text adventure where players shape unique stories through prompts.


Kajiwoto Logo


A collaborative AI storytelling platform enabling real-time, communal narrative creation


DeepStory logo


AI coach that offers creative assistance, and details to improve your writing style.


Write With Transformer Logo

Write With Transformer

Offers adjustable creativity levels and text ‘autocomplete’ for new story ideas.

Pricing: Free

15 Best NovelAI Alternatives

#1. SudoWrite

An AI writing tool designed to overcome writer’s block, add surprise elements to your stories, and enhance your descriptive writing.

Key Features

  • Brainstorming & Idea Generation: Sudowrite helps generate plot twists, alternative storyline directions, and creative details to inspire you.
  • Descriptive Writing: It excels at creating vivid descriptions, setting the scene, and fleshing out character details.
  • Rewrite & Expand: Can rephrase sentences, expand upon brief summaries, or offer more engaging ways to structure your text.
  • Feedback: Sudowrite can provide basic feedback on your writing style and overall story flow.


  • Defeats writer’s block with creative suggestions.
  • Adds unexpected plot twists and fresh ideas.
  • Improves descriptive writing and scene-setting.
  • Offers basic feedback on style.


  • AI suggestions can sometimes be off-topic or repetitive.
  • Best as a writing aid, not a full replacement for your own creativity.
  • Limited free trial word count.
  • Requires ongoing subscription for full access.

SudoWrite vs NoveAI? How to choose between them?

Choose Sudowrite if:

  • You frequently battle writer’s block and need a creativity boost.
  • You prioritize vivid descriptions and scene-setting.
  • You love unpredictable plot twists and enjoy experimentation.
  • Basic feedback on your writing is helpful.

Choose NovelAI if:

  • You desire fine-grained control over the AI’s writing style.
  • Built-in image generation is important for your creative process.
  • You want a greater variety of AI models to tailor your experience.
  • You are willing to potentially experiment more with settings for the best output.


Thankfully, both Sudowrite and NovelAI offer some form of free trial. Experiencing both first-hand is often the best way to see which suits your style and project goals for testing any AI tool.

PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price (per month)Credits per MonthNotes
Hobby & Student$19$10225,000Ideal for casual or academic writing
Professional$29$22450,000Suitable for longer projects
Max$59$442,000,000Designed for frequent publishing authors

#2. Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant focused on creating a distraction-free environment. Its AI capabilities subtly offer suggestions, expand sentences, or rephrase text to keep your creativity flowing.  It’s best known for its clean interface and its ability to help writers break through creative blocks.

Key Features

  • Uncluttered Interface: Designed to minimize distractions and keep you focused on the act of writing itself.
  • AI-Assisted Sentence Completion: Suggests ways to finish your sentences or continue your thought, sparking ideas when you’re unsure how to proceed.
  • Expand & Rewrite: Can provide more expanded versions of your text or offer alternative phrasings to improve clarity.
  • Commands: Access additional tools through specific text commands (e.g., “/instruct” for direct requests to the AI, “/shorten” to condense writing).
  • Customization: Offers some ability to tailor the AI’s behavior and output style to your preference.


  • Clean, minimalist interface promotes focus.
  • AI assistance is subtle and encourages your own creativity.
  • Ideal for breaking through writer’s block without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Commands offer deeper control for specific tasks.
  • Unlimited word count even on the free trial.


  • Less feature-rich than some complex AI writing tools.
  • Not ideal for generating large amounts of raw text independently.
  • May require some initial time to master commands.
  • Requires ongoing subscription for continued use.

Shortly AI vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

When to Choose ShortlyAI:

  • You prioritize a focused, no-frills writing experience.
  • You prefer a tool that augments your writing rather than taking the lead.
  • Breaking through creative blocks is your main goal.
  • You find overly complex interfaces distracting.

When to Choose NovelAI:

  • You want fine-tuned control over your AI writing assistant’s style and output.
  • You prefer a broader range of features and writing tools at your disposal.
  • You enjoy customizing AI models and experimenting with settings.
  • You expect the AI to generate significant amounts of text independently.


They offer a free trail. Apart from this to access the full functionality you have to purchase their paid plans which are given below:

PlanBilling CyclePriceFeatures
PremiumAnnual$65/moCancel anytime, billed annually, powerful writing commands, continuous AI updates, 2 months free
PremiumMonthly$79/moCancel anytime, billed monthly, powerful writing commands, continuous AI updates

#3. HoloAI

HoloAI allows users to train the AI models on their own writing or texts they admire, ensuring the generated output closely mirrors their preferred style, tone, and even genre conventions.  This makes HoloAI particularly enticing for experienced writers with specific stylistic goals.

Key Features

  • Deep Customization: HoloAI’s core strength lies in its ability to train AI models on specific writing samples. This allows for highly personalized text generation that mimics your preferred style or a chosen genre.
  • Granular Control: Users have considerable control over the AI’s output, fine-tuning elements like creativity levels, vocabulary range, and sentence structure.
  • Workflow Flexibility: HoloAI can be used for tasks like idea generation, brainstorming, overcoming writer’s block, completing sentences, or generating text from scratch.
  • Genre Specialization: With focused training, the AI can be adapted to produce results aligned with specific genres (e.g., sci-fi, fantasy, romance, etc.)
  • Evolving Models: HoloAI aims for continuous learning. Trained models can improve over time as you interact with them and provide additional input.


  • High-level customization for tailored text generation.
  • Ideal for writers with specific stylistic needs and genre focuses.
  • Granular control over AI output settings.
  • Potential for AI models to improve and evolve with use.


  • Requires technical comfort for optimal training of AI models.
  • Might be less intuitive for beginners seeking a simple writing aid.
  • Best results occur with specific training data (not as strong out-of-the-box).
  • Ongoing subscription required for full access and features.

HoloAI vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

Choose HoloAI if…

  • You have a well-defined writing style you want the AI to mimic.
  • You’re comfortable with some technical setup to train the AI models.
  • Genre-specific writing is important, and you want the AI to master those conventions.
  • You value the potential for the AI to improve over time with your specific input.

Choose NovelAI if…

  • You want immediate usability with a variety of AI models at your fingertips.
  • Image generation alongside your storytelling is a compelling feature.
  • You desire control over style, but less granular, hands-on training appeals to you.
  • A wider range of built-in features for writing is a priority.


It has a free plan with limited features. The paid plans are given below:

Standard$4.99/mo500k chars/month, generation length slider, access to public custom AIs, text to speech
Pro$7.99/moUnlimited generations, create custom AIs, 400 custom AI training steps/month
Ultimate$11.99/mo2000 custom AI training steps/month, access to advanced models, double retry, and more

#4. InferKit

InferKit is an AI writing tool designed for flexibility and adaptability. It focuses on raw text generation and provides customizable workflows to tailor the AI’s output for various tasks. Users can experiment with different settings and prompts to shape the results, making it suitable for projects beyond purely creative writing.

Key features

  • Raw Text Generation: InferKit’s core lies in its ability to generate and manipulate text. This can range from creative writing to summaries to data formatting.
  • Customizable Workflows: Users can create tailored sequences of actions, prompting the AI to perform tasks like text classification, rewriting, translation, or different forms of generation.
  • API Access: InferKit offers API access for integration into other applications or automated processes.
  • Settings & Control: You can adjust the AI’s output with settings for vocabulary, creativity, and overall generation length.
  • Use-Case Versatility: InferKit can be applied to creative writing, business tasks, data analysis, code generation, and more.


  • Highly versatile tool adaptable to many different needs.
  • Customizable workflows enable tailored AI use.
  • API access provides integration possibilities.
  • Offers control over AI output settings.
  • Can be used for both creative writing and technical tasks.


  • May require a technical mindset for optimal use and workflow creation.
  • Not designed solely for creative writers, so can lack some polish in that area.
  • Might be less intuitive for pure ‘freewriting’ purposes.
  • Consumption-based pricing might be less predictable than fixed monthly rates.

InferKit Vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

When to Choose InferKit:

  • You need a multipurpose AI tool that goes beyond purely creative writing.
  • You’re comfortable with setting up custom workflows to shape the AI’s functions.
  • Text generation or manipulation for technical purposes is part of your goals.
  • API integration for automation or other applications is a major interest.

When to Choose NovelAI:

  • You prioritize a user-friendly experience specifically for creative writing.
  • Built-in features for storytelling (lorebooks, memory, etc.) are appealing.
  • Image generation alongside your text is a significant draw.
  • Pre-trained AI models and a less ‘hands-on’ approach to customization are a good fit.


They offer a free plan with basic features. The details of paid plans are given below:

PlanMonthly CostMonthly Characters IncludedCost per Additional Characters
Basic$20600,000$0.28 per 10,000
Premium$602,500,000$0.12 per 10,000

#5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis) is a powerful AI writing assistant primarily focused on marketing and copywriting tasks. It can generate short-form content like product descriptions, ad copy, blog post outlines, or social media posts.  Jasper AI boasts multiple templates and a  workflow-focused structure for quick generation of marketing materials.

Key Features

  • Extensive Templates: Jasper AI has a wide array of pre-built templates for marketing tasks like emails, website headlines, video scripts, social media content, and even sales copy.
  • Workflows: You can chain templates to create workflows for more complex projects like blog posts or landing pages.
  • Boss Mode: Enhanced commands in this mode give you greater control over the AI’s output and allows for longer-form content creation.
  • Tone of Voice Options: Customize the AI’s writing style to align with your desired brand voice (e.g., professional, witty, sarcastic).
  • Multilingual Support: Jasper AI handles multiple languages for translation and content creation in various markets.


  • Ideal for quickly generating marketing and copywriting content.
  • Wide range of templates and workflows to streamline tasks.
  • Boss Mode grants more control for longer-form writing.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Good for teams for content collaboration features.


  • Can be repetitive with output, necessitating editing and human guidance.
  • Less focused on purely creative storytelling compared to novel-focused AI tools.
  • Requires subscription for continuous use.
  • May not replace a human copywriter completely, especially for nuanced messaging.

Jasper AI vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

Core Differences:

Jasper AI: Excels in producing marketing copy, ad content, and short-form writing with numerous templates for this purpose.

NovelAI: Prioritizes creative storytelling, offering customizable AI models for various genres and image generation features.


They offer free trails for a limited time. After that you have to buy on of the following plans to continue using their service:

PlanMonthly Price/SeatYearly Price/Seat (Approx. 20% Savings)Key Features
Creator$49$391 seat, 1 Brand Voice, SEO mode, Browser extension
Pro$69$59All Creator features, plus additional collaboration tools, 3 Brand Voices, 10 Knowledge assets
BusinessCustom PricingCustom PricingAll Pro features, plus enterprise-grade security, custom workflows, API access, and dedicated support

#6. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing tool specializing in short-form content generation. It excels at tasks like email writing, social media posts, ad copy, product descriptions, and similar formats. Rytr emphasizes affordability and speed, making it a  good option for individuals or businesses seeking fast text generation for a variety of tasks.

Key Features

  • Multiple Use Cases: Rytr provides templates and categories for various short-form content needs like email, social media, blog ideas, job descriptions, and more.
  • Tone & Language Settings: Users can select writing tones (convincing, humorous, etc.) and choose from supported languages.
  • Text Editing & Improvement: Rytr offers tools for expanding, shortening, or rephrasing existing text.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Built-in plagiarism checking can help ensure originality.
  • Browser Extension: Integration for quick text generation from within your browser.


  • Affordable pricing option, including a free plan.
  • Fast generation of short-form text for various needs.
  • User-friendly interface and numerous use cases.
  • Browser extension for convenient access.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.


  • Not ideal for long-form storytelling or complex creative writing.
  • AI output may still need significant editing and human refinement.
  • Limited features on the free plan.
  • Can sometimes produce generic or repetitive text.

Rytr Vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

Distinguishing Factors

  • Content-Length: Rytr is geared towards short-form output, while NovelAI excels at longer narratives and open-ended storytelling.
  • Content Scope: Rytr has a strong focus on marketing and everyday business text tasks. NovelAI prioritizes creative writing, with additional benefits like image generation.
  • Workflow: Rytr provides templates for fast, structured generation; NovelAI allows for free-form writing with adaptable AI guidance.


PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceSavings (Yearly vs. Monthly)
Free PlanFreeN/AN/A
Saver Plan$9/month$90/year (2 months free)Save $18/year (20%)
Unlimited Plan$29/month$290/year (2 months free)Save $58/year (20%)

Pricing Source: Rytr

#7. is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed to generate a wide range of marketing and sales materials quickly. It excels at short-form content like product descriptions, ad headlines, social media posts, and email copy.

Key Features

  • Extensive Templates: One of’s core strengths is its vast library of templates for various marketing needs. These include website copy, social media posts, email subject lines, product descriptions, blog ideas, and much more.
  • Workflows: For more complex projects, you can chain templates together, creating workflows to generate multiple pieces of content (e.g., an ad headline, body copy, and a call to action).
  • Tone of Voice Options: Customize the AI’s writing style to fit your brand. Options include friendly, professional, persuasive, witty, and more.
  • Multilingual Support: works with over 25 languages, allowing you to create content for diverse markets.
  • Collaboration Features: Teams can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and streamline content creation workflows within the platform.


  • Fast generation of various marketing content formats.
  • Wide range of templates streamline the writing process.
  • Easy to use interface, ideal for beginners and content teams.
  • Tone adjustments help match your brand voice.
  • Multilingual support for targeting global audiences.


  • May not excel at nuanced long-form creative writing.
  • AI output can be repetitive, requiring editing and refining.
  • Creativity can be limited compared to more open-ended tools.
  • Requires a subscription for continuous use.


PlanWords per monthFeaturesUser seatsPrice
Free2,000Most standard features, 90+ copywriting tools1$0
ProUnlimitedAll Free features + Unlimited words, 5 user seats, Priority email support, Access to newest features5$49/month ($35/month billed annually)

#8. Chibi AI

Chibi AI is an AI writing companion designed to make your writing more engaging and tailored to your target audience. In addition to standard AI writing features, it includes tools for analyzing the appeal of your text, suggesting ways to improve readability, and providing audience insights. Chibi AI emphasizes creating writing that resonates with your desired readers.

Key Features

  • Audience Insights: Analyze your writing to understand how it might be perceived by different audiences (age groups, interests, etc.).
  • Readability & Engagement Tools: Get suggestions for improving clarity, using more engaging vocabulary, and adjusting your tone.
  • AI Text Generation: Chibi AI offers AI assistance for tasks like brainstorming, sentence expansion, and overcoming writer’s block.
  • Text Revision: Analyze existing drafts for areas where readability and audience appeal can be strengthened.
  • Customization: Develop different audience profiles to get suggestions tailored to specific reader groups.


  • Focus on audience analysis and tailored content creation.
  • Readability tools help you craft writing that connects with your readers.
  • Offers standard AI text generation functions alongside these unique features.
  • Good for writers who want to ensure their message is well-received.


  • Might be less focused on pure creative storytelling compared to other tools.
  • May require some learning to interpret audience insights effectively.
  • Still needs editing and human control for the best results.
  • Requires a subscription for all features.

Chibi AI Vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

  • Chibi AI emphasizes crafting content with strong audience appeal. It provides readability analysis and audience insights.
  • NovelAI focuses on assisting with creative story writing, offering greater customization of AI writing styles and featuring image generation.


Payment FrequencyPriceFeatures
Monthly$49Access to Chibi AI, 30-day money-back guarantee
Yearly$490Same as monthly, with a discount equivalent to two months free

#9. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a classic text-based adventure game powered by artificial intelligence.  Instead of pre-set storylines, players generate unique and unpredictable narratives by interacting with the AI through text prompts. AI Dungeon emphasizes immersive storytelling and boundless creativity, offering a distinct roleplaying experience compared to other AI writing tools.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Narrative Potential: The core of AI Dungeon is its adaptive AI storytelling engine. You can take your adventure in any direction by simply describing your actions or intentions.
  • Multiple Settings & Genres: Explore numerous fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, or custom-built scenarios crafted by users.
  • Customization: Some control over the AI’s behavior is possible, such as adjusting randomness or memory for a more tailored experience.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play AI Dungeon together with friends for truly unique, collaborative storytelling.
  • Community Sharing: Explore scenarios created by other users and offer your own stories to the platform.


  • Boundless narrative freedom with surprising AI-generated twists.
  • Highly immersive and well-suited for roleplaying enthusiasts.
  • Variety of genres and settings thanks to the community-driven content.
  • Multiplayer allows for unique, shared storytelling experiences.
  • Free to play with limitations.


  • Text-based format may not appeal to those who prefer visuals.
  • AI output can be inconsistent, sometimes generating odd or nonsensical situations.
  • Requires player input to be engaging; it’s not a passive “AI writes a story” tool.
  • Potential for inappropriate content due to the open-ended nature.

AI Dungeon Vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

Choose AI Dungeon if:

  • Purely text-based, interactive adventures are your preference.
  • Roleplaying and boundless ‘what if’ exploration are central to your needs.
  • Collaborating on unique stories with friends excites you.
  • You enjoy the unpredictable, at times chaotic, nature of AI-driven text adventures.

Choose NovelAI if:

  • Image generation alongside your writing is important.
  • A more traditional writing/editing interface appeals to you.
  • Fine-tuning the AI’s style to match your preferred tone is paramount.
  • You enjoy creative writing but want extra assistance and structure.


TierPrice per MonthCreditsSpeedOther Features
WandererFree0NormalUnlimited Griffin Access
Adventurer$9.99 USD480Fast+ Dragon
Hero$14.99 USD760Fast+ 2x Memory
Legend$29.99 USD1650Fastest+ 4x Memory, Unlimited Image Generation

#10. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is an AI writing platform specifically designed for collaborative storytelling.  Its standout feature is real-time interaction, allowing multiple writers to contribute to the same story simultaneously while benefiting from AI assistance. Kajiwoto emphasizes creating shared narratives and fosters a strong sense of community.

Key Features

  • Real-time Collaboration: The heart of Kajiwoto is the ability for multiple authors to write and edit the same story simultaneously, seeing changes made by others in real-time.
  • AI Writing Assistance: Kajiwoto offers AI suggestions, scene generation, and plot assistance to spark creativity and keep the story flowing.
  • Community & Social Features: Find writing partners, participate in prompts and challenges, and connect with other creative writers.
  • Organization Tools: Kajiwoto provides sections for characters, plot notes, and world-building details to keep complex stories organized.
  • Customization Options: Set privacy options for your stories (invite-only vs. public collaboration) and adjust some AI settings.


  • Unique real-time collaborative storytelling experience.
  • Excellent for roleplaying, group story projects, or brainstorming sessions.
  • Strong community atmosphere for writers seeking peer support.
  • AI features aid in overcoming writer’s block and plot struggles.
  • Offers both free and paid plans.


  • Real-time co-writing may not suit solo writers or those desiring absolute control.
  • Collaboration requires compromise and adapting to others’ styles.
  • Potential for stories to derail if collaboration lacks clear direction.
  • May be less polished than AI tools focused purely on creative writing assistance.

Kajiwoto Vs NovelAI. How to choose from them?

  • Kajiwoto: Emphasizes real-time collaborative storytelling with AI enhancements. It’s about the social creative process.
  • NovelAI: Geared towards individual writers seeking a powerful AI writing assistant and features like image generation.


PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price (Per Month)Key Features
Free$0$0Unlimited chat, advanced AI models, full access to tools, 1 personal room
Plus$7.99$7.32Additional AI model choices, improved limits, private datasets, 8 personal rooms
Pro$29.99$25.00All Plus benefits, all AI model choices, access to newest features

#11. DeepStory

DeepStory is an AI writing tool that goes beyond standard text generation. In addition to providing creative prompts and AI assistance, it offers detailed feedback on your writing. DeepStory analyzes your style, flow, clarity, and potential areas for improvement. It aims to be an AI  ‘coach’ for writers who want to hone their craft.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Writing Analysis: DeepStory dissects your writing, providing feedback on pacing, sentence structure, vocabulary usage, and clarity.
  • Style & Engagement Evaluation: It evaluates how well your writing aligns with your chosen genre and identifies areas where you could create a more engaging experience for readers.
  • Genre Expertise: DeepStory’s analysis is tailored to specific genres of creative writing (fantasy, sci-fi, romance, etc.), offering more nuanced feedback.
  • Writing Assistant Features: Alongside the critique, it also provides AI text generation for ideas, plot brainstorming, or overcoming writer’s block.
  • Progress Tracking: Track your writing’s improvement over time based on the AI’s analysis scores.


  • Combines AI writing assistance with in-depth feedback to aid improvement.
  • Genre-specific analysis offers valuable insights for writers.
  • Useful for pinpointing areas of weakness in your writing style.
  • Progress tracking feature can be motivating.


  • May be less focused on raw text generation compared to tools purely dedicated to this.
  • AI-generated feedback shouldn’t completely replace human critique.
  • Best suited for writers who are open to constructive criticism and actively want to improve.
  • Requires a subscription for extended use and all features.

DeepStory Vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

Choose DeepStory if:

  • You value detailed feedback on your writing and want to identify areas for growth.
  • Genre-specific analysis to ensure your writing fits conventions appeals to you.
  • Having an ‘AI writing coach’ and tracking improvement metrics motivates you.
  • You’re prepared to take constructive criticism as part of the creative process.

Choose NovelAI if:

  • Extensive text generation, fine-tuning AI models to mimic your voice, and image features take priority.
  • You have less need for structured feedback and desire primarily creative freedom.
  • A focus on ‘pure’ storytelling rather than improving technical writing skills suits you.


PlanPrice (per month)Words per MonthFeatures
Free Trial€010 free generationsImport PDF, mediocre language model, short form writing
Premium€12.9910,000Import PDF, superior language model, long & short form, high-quality output, context input, sample scripts
Pro€29.9925,000Import PDF, superior language model, long & short form, high-quality output, context input, sample scripts

#12. Write with Transformer 

Write with Transformer is a website similar to Talk to Transformer, but focused on creative writing with AI.  It offers user-friendly settings to adjust AI creativity levels, and lets you ‘autocomplete’ your text to discover unexpected story turns. Think of it as a step up from Talk to Transformer, providing structure specifically for experimenting with AI-assisted storytelling.

Key Features

  • Raw AI Text Generation: The core is interacting with AI language models to generate text based on your input.
  • Creativity Controls: Adjust settings to determine how unpredictable or focused the AI’s responses will be.
  • Text Autocompletion: Begin a sentence or paragraph, and let the AI suggest ways to continue or embellish your idea.
  • Customization: Offers more settings than Talk to Transformer, such as output length and the ability to select from various AI language models.
  • No Distractions: Minimalist interface keeps the focus on interaction between you and the AI.


  • Free and accessible way to directly experiment with AI language models.
  • Controls to make the AI more creative or predictable.
  • Good for quickly testing ideas and overcoming writer’s block.
  • Offers more customization than the basic Talk to Transformer.


  • Unrefined output; AI responses can be nonsensical or off-topic.
  • Primarily for exploration, not producing polished writing pieces.
  • Lacks advanced features found in commercial AI writing tools.
  • Requires some technical curiosity to benefit from settings adjustments.

Write with Transformer vs NovelAI. How to choose between them?

The Fundamental Difference

  • Write with Transformer: A tool for raw experimentation with AI text generation. It offers insight into the core technology but lacks finesse.
  • NovelAI: A powerful and polished AI writing assistant specifically built for creative storytelling with features like image generation and customizable AI models.

NovelAI Alternatives for Image Generation

Since NovelAI does have image generation capabilities, here are some excellent alternatives that focus primarily on AI-powered image creation:

  • DALL-E 2 (by OpenAI): One of the most powerful AI image generators available. It excels at creating highly realistic or artistic images from detailed text descriptions.
  • Midjourney: Primarily accessed through a Discord server, Midjourney produces stunning, artistic images. It’s known for its stylistic versatility and dreamlike quality.
  • Stable Diffusion: An open-source AI image generator known for its flexibility and customization options. Stable Diffusion can be run locally or through various web interfaces.
  • NightCafe Creator: Offers multiple AI art generation methods, including text-to-image and style transfer. Known for its user-friendly interface and variety of artistic effects.

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