Leaked: OpenAI's Q* is a self-learning math whiz that could unlock AGI.

Shrouded secrecy

Q* is an alleged internal project at OpenAI, details are scarce, and OpenAI hasn't officially acknowledged it.

Logical focus

It aims to apply AI to reasoning and problem-solving in these domains, potentially beyond human capabilities.

Leaked capability

Reports suggest Q* can solve simple math problems like grade-schoolers, but its true potential remains unknown.


Rumors hint at self-training abilities, allowing Q* to learn and improve without human intervention, a significant leap.

data generation

Q* might generate its own data for training, further accelerating its progress and potentially bypassing human bias

AGI fears

The concerns about achieving Artificial General Intelligence , the ability to understand and learn any intellectual task, due to its self-training potential.

Future uncertain

Q*'s development and release are shrouded in mystery. Will it be a groundbreaking step towards AGI, or will it remain a locked-away project?